Neenah Paper releases new line of papers with new textures and colors

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Neenah Paper releases new line of papers with new textures and colors

January 31, 2011 - 04:59

NEENAH, WI, Jan. 31, 2011 (Press Release) -The real power of paper lies in its ability to give clients more - more color, more texture, more performance, more results. Neenah Paper proves just how impactful paper can be with its newest promotion - The Power of Paper: Stand Out in a Vanilla Market - highlighting ways CLASSIC® Papers from Neenah can add punch to your piece.

Featuring CLASSIC CREST®, CLASSIC® Linen, CLASSIC COLUMNS®, and CLASSIC® Laid Papers, the spiral-bound brochure is a testament to how an adventurous paper choice can make even the most common collateral get noticed.

"The brochure demonstrates how incorporating color and texture through your paper selection gives an added dimension to any campaign - aiding in everything from response rates, to delivering your message and enhancing your brand," says Greg Maze, senior brand manager for Neenah Paper. "Not only do the pages bring this to life through a mixture of colors, paper weights, treatments and printing processes, but we provide statistics and results that leave no question in your mind about the benefits of using premium paper."

To highlight the effectiveness of breaking away from a "ho-hum" paper choice, The Power of Paper illustrates vibrant selections and makes the case for print:

  • Color & Texture - Studies show that print pieces that make bold use of color get 33% more responses and 48% more people respond to high-quality paper versus low-quality paper. With the CLASSIC® Brands, a project can go from "same old, same old" to daring and dynamic.
  • Inbox & Intrigue - Many marketing messages get lost in the clutter of an online inbox. There's something to be said for a trip to the mailbox and the impact a printed piece tucked among the bills can make. The color, texture and tactile quality of a printed piece delivers in more ways than one.

• Print & Online - No man is an island and print is no exception to that old adage. The most effective campaigns convey the message across mediums. Neenah shows how paper can be the first point of contact to connect and gets your message through every time.

If the pages of the brochure aren't enough to convince skeptical readers, Neenah offers them a chance to try it for themselves with the Neenah Personal ProofSM, an online service that allows users to create high quality, custom-printed samples using their own artwork. Designers can order up to three free printed samples of a single design on close to 400 different Neenah paper stocks and their Personal Proof samples will be custom printed and sent to them in three to five business days. "The Neenah Personal Proof will let them see just how much using the colors and textures of CLASSIC® Papers can help produce richer results," says Maze. "You don't need big budgets to create projects with impact. A bold paper choice can make all the difference."

About Neenah Paper
For over 100 years, Neenah Paper (NYSE: NP) has been an innovative leader in the creation and manufacturing of premium, specialty and sustainable papers. Neenah brings state-of-the-art technology to its signature brands, CLASSIC®, ENVIRONMENT®, STARWHITE®, NEENAH® and SUNDANCE®, as well as a host of other fine paper with an ever-expanding digital paper offering preferred by graphic designers and printers.