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Montalvo offers solutions for differential rewinding control applications

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Montalvo offers solutions for differential rewinding control applications

March 29, 2010 - 17:54

GORHAM, ME, March 29, 2010 (Press Release) -The Montalvo Corporation, international specialists in industrial web control systems, can offer solutions for differential rewinding problems with its X-3400 rewind tension controller system.

The Montalvo X-3400 Rewind Tension Controller, part of the Montalvo CB-64 family of controllers, works to control the slippage of differential winding shafts and controls the torque transferred to the cores.

The Montalvo system will precisely regulate the torque levels transferred to the rolls, no matter what the slit width is, and it will control the overspeed required for the rewind motor to ensure minimal core dusting, eliminate overheating, increase the lifespan of the winding shafts, and simplify the entire winding process for quality results every time.

The system requires separate rewind motor drives and will work with single-shaft or a dual-shaft rewind. The X-3400 controller uses line speed and diameter references to automatically maintain precise overspeed regulation to the rewind motors. It then utilizes the signal from load cells to adjust and maintain precise rewind tension. With adjustable taper tension control, consistent quality of the rewound rolls is assured time after time, shift after shift.

For the customer, simple and inexpensive rewind drive controls and motors are all that is required. No complex digital drives are necessary. The system is available as a circuit-board installation which is easy to integrate with existing operator interfaces, or it can be used as a stand-alone operator station.

"The X-3400 controller is our most advanced web tension controller," says company president Edwin Montalvo. Features include:

  • optimized the combination of analog and digital features.
  • provides accurate, repeatable tension control on all web processing machinery.
  • using feedback from load cells, it can be used on unwind or rewind applications.
  • can also be configured for use as an intermediate (nip) infeed or outfeed controller.
  • digital diagnostics, and web break detection.
  • optional industrial standard fieldbus connections for DeviceNet, Profibus DP, CANopen, and Modbus.
  • has a transferable memory card.