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Monadnock Paper Mills in New Hampshire ‘recycles what is left behind’

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Monadnock Paper Mills in New Hampshire ‘recycles what is left behind’

September 27, 2019 - 19:51
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BENNINGTON, NH, Sept. 27, 2019 (Local News) -In a perfect scenario, every shred of fiber and scrap of filler used in the papermaking process would end up in one of the Monadnock Paper Mills products.

But like with any production enterprise, that is not the case. Invariably, small pieces of the paper fiber pulp gets washed away as the process unfolds. Paper is made at the mill when the water and fiber mixture is spread across what is known as the wire. The wire helps shape the paper through the creation of bonds between the fibers. What doesn’t bond together, ends up in collection tanks with the large volumes of water needed to create paper.

“We’d love for all of it to be used in the creation of paper,” said Brian Maloy, manager of environmental services at Monadnock Paper Mills. “But they’re going to escape the papermaking process and end up in the water.”

Ledger Transcript - Monadnock Paper Mills in Bennington recycles what is left behind

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