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MarquipWardUnited upgrades Apollo TSKM for converter friendly sheeting

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MarquipWardUnited upgrades Apollo TSKM for converter friendly sheeting

August 31, 2010 - 16:34

BEDFORD, UK, Aug. 31, 2010 (Press Release) -MarquipWardUnited launched the Apollo TSKM 11 months ago. Since then, six machines have been sold on three continents and interest in this new model is "amazing," says Apollo Managing Director Steve Brimble.

Apollo Sheeters Ltd. was purchased by MarquipWardUnited in July 2008. Apollo was a recognized leader in narrow width, affordable Twin Synchronous Sheeters since the introduction of the TSK in 2001.

The TSK dominated its market sector for many years due to high performance and affordable pricing. In recent times, this market sector became more crowded with several product offerings coming to the market. As such, the TSK needed a boost to regain a position of technical, performance and value leadership.

The introduction of the TSKM has provided this boost.

The established TSK sheet delivery and stacking system has been upgraded to include pulsed effect sheet tail vacuum deceleration, which allows faster running of lightweights and greatly reduced marking of boards with a sensitive surface. A zero reject non-stop pallet change system has also been added to make this machine the most efficient in its class. An innovative design has slashed installation time and reduced floor/concrete preparation to almost nothing. In the past, the cost to prepare the floor with stacker pits, etc., could easily reach Euro 20,000.

As the model name suggests, the TSKM has major Marquip influence. Firstly, the legendary Marquip cutting head has been incorporated. This knife has led the market for many years with an incredible speed curve, quality cutting up to 1000gsm, lower power consumption and on-machine knife sharpening. Never before have these features been available in the affordable converters sheeter market. One U.S.-based customer recently replaced a modern Twin Knife Sheeter with a TSKM simply to obtain better cut quality on heavy board.

The TSKM also incorporates the latest in controls technology. The system has the best available remote and on-screen diagnostics, an innovative new safety system, and clear, Windows-based communication with the customers' production computer.

To complete the package, Apollo offers an extremely versatile unwinding and paper conditioning package.

Of the machines sold so far, three are equipped with automatic splicing. Two customers selected the innovative D2 splicer that allows auto splicing on heavier grades and two-web running on lighter grades. The other customer selected the D1 splicer that provides a lowcost, full-time splicing solution.

A wide range of decurlers are offered to cater for paper and board. Multiphase decurling is offered for boards prone to surface damage or cracking, and all decurler models have the option of auto adjustment.

Finally, it has been noted that many converters are forced to run narrow reels on a regular basis. An innovative system is now available which allows the reels to be sheeted with the same efficiency as wider reels.

Available in 1450mm and 1650mm widths with a sheet length range of 279mm to 2080mm, the TSKM is very versatile. This was illustrated by the latest machine to be shipped to a Brazilian customer. The acceptance test conducted in the U.K. saw 18gsm tissue to heavy board being run on the same day.

Brimble commented, "It's nice to be able to say that TSK-or should I say TSKM-again leads the field for value, efficiency and innovation."