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Kiwiplan introduces new data analysis and reporting tool for the packaging industry

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Kiwiplan introduces new data analysis and reporting tool for the packaging industry

April 06, 2010 - 22:02

CINCINNATI, OH, April 6, 2010 (Press Release) -Kiwiplan announces the release of DART, its new Data Analysis and Reporting Tool, that enables customers in the packaging industry to see their business in new ways. Through its graphical presentation of data and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), DART provides a better view of information that enables users to make more informed decisions. Users are able to interactively explore data, ask new questions, and uncover new associations-simply and intuitively.

DART can combine data from multiple data sources, including their Kiwiplan data warehouse as well as order management, financial, logistical, quality, sales and accounting systems and other databases or data warehouses. Users can analyze production results by customer, specification, flute and more. They can identify which customers provide 80% of their business, waste, downtime, and profit. As a result, DART enables them to determine which jobs and customers are the most profitable and which are not.

DART can analyze and compare performance and results and identify trends across shifts, crews, multiple plants, divisions, and regions. It visually displays the cost of overruns, downtime, lost productivity, and excess inventory.

It analyzes machine performance in terms of throughput, speed, and efficiency. With DART, users have 1-click access to visually rich, interactive dashboards, charts, and graphs that they can build themselves without complex queries, commands, or reporting languages.

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