Kadant Solutions launches new EMO III Blue 2 panel

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Kadant Solutions launches new EMO III Blue 2 panel

October 27, 2017 - 02:42

AUBURN, MA, Oct. 26, 2017 (Press Release) -Kadant Solutions, a division of Kadant Inc., announced the launch of the EMO III Blue 2 panel. Since it was introduced in the late 1980’s, the EMO III electro-mechanical oscillator has set the standard for functionality and reliability in shower oscillation. The reversing, brushless DC motor heralded the beginning of an era of minimal maintenance and high reliability.

Today, Kadant Solutions announces the release of a new and updated control package to complement its most trusted actuator. The new control system builds on success by adding new control features, better diagnostics, and easier safety compliance.

According to Marcelo DeBoni, product manager for cleaning, “The new EMO III electro-mechanical oscillator has enhanced diagnostics, now with the ability to tell you which component or circuit has failed or has been wired incorrectly. The controller protects personnel, external equipment, the showered surface, and even the oscillator itself. Also, the new controller fits on the same mounting standoffs and has the same connector pattern as all of the previous EMO III electro-mechanical oscillators except for the SP panel.”

Kadant Solutions, based in Auburn, Massachusetts, is a leading supplier of doctor blades, doctor blade holders, and doctoring systems for papermaking and other industrial processes. The company’s cleaning and conditioning products are applied to the cleaning of forming and press fabrics and the filtration of process water as well as engineered wet-end products for papermaking.

Kadant Inc. is a global supplier of high-value, critical components and engineered systems used in process industries worldwide. The Company’s products, technologies, and services play an integral role in enhancing process efficiency, optimizing energy utilization, and maximizing productivity in resource-intensive industries. Kadant is based in Westford, Massachusetts, with 2,400 employees in 20 countries worldwide.