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Howe Sound Pulp and Paper starts $37M boiler upgrade May 31

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Howe Sound Pulp and Paper starts $37M boiler upgrade May 31

May 27, 2011 - 08:14

SECHELT, BC, May 27, 2011 (Local News) -You may notice the smell of rotten eggs in Gibsons next week as Howe Sound Pulp and Paper (HSPP) starts a $37-million boiler upgrade that includes venting the odourous gases in its wood waste boiler.

"Typically, if you do smell it, it would be a very faint rotten egg type smell," said HSPP president and CEO Mac Palmiere, noting he is hopeful there won't be any noticeable odour in the Town of Gibsons. "Generally speaking, when we vented in the past, depending on the weather, occasionally you can get it and occasionally you don't. Really, we are subject to the weather on this, but I'm hoping people don't smell it."

The odourous gases are normally incinerated in the boiler, but during the upgrade, they will need to be released. According to Palmiere, the smell may be slightly offensive, but it is not a health concern.

"You smell it because of the sensitivity of the nose, but it is at such low concentrations it's not a health concern at those concentrations," he said.

The upgrade to the boiler starts May 31 and is expected to take 42 days to complete. During the upgrade, Pal miere said the bottom one-third of the boiler will be removed and replaced with new advanced technology that uses a fluidized sand bed to burn waste bark.

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