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Seair sells aeration solution to Canfor Pulp mill in Taylor, BC

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Seair sells aeration solution to Canfor Pulp mill in Taylor, BC

June 08, 2010 - 11:32

EDMONTON, AB, June 8, 2010 (CNW) -Seair Inc. today announced the sale of two microbubble aeration systems to Canfor Taylor Pulp located in Taylor, British Columbia. The Canfor sale comes after an extensive period of testing and energy efficiency verification in conjunction with B.C. Hydro, during which it was confirmed the Seair system reduces energy required by the mill's effluent system by 3,800 megawatt hours per year. The expected savings in energy reduction alone will be in the range of $285,000 annually using current BC Hydro tier 2 pricing, equivalent to a 12 month payback purely on energy savings.

Conventional aeration systems are energy and maintenance intensive. Seair's systems deliver superior aeration results at a fraction of the cost. Moreover the extremely small footprint and relative mobility of Seair's systems makes them very versatile and easy to fit within existing facilities.

Craig Thomson, Energy and Environmental Supervisor at the Canfor mill, notes "we purchased our first Seair unit three years ago and continue to be impressed with its performance, reliability, and efficiency. With these additional units we believe we have obtained the optimal balance for our aeration system. Our mill is proof that environmental stewardship and superior economics are not mutually exclusive."

Harold Kinasewich, Seair's President and CEO, adds "the Taylor mill is the first full Seair implementation at a pulp mill. However, with B.C. Hydro's continued support we are presently demonstrating Seair's solutions at a number of other mills and we look forward to additional full implementations."

About Seair

Seair is a leading developer of patent-protected diffusion and sterilization technologies, which allow for the efficient diffusion of gases into liquids, thereby facilitating numerous applications in a wide variety of industries, including wastewater treatment, pulp and paper production, food processing, aquaculture, agriculture/horticulture, sterilization, golf course irrigation and pond treatment, animal enhancement and oil and gas. Seair's primary focus is developing and selling equipment that diffuses gases, such as oxygen, ozone or carbon dioxide, into a liquid, resulting in a supersaturated solution. The major difference between Seair's and others' diffusion technologies is Seair's ability to achieve extremely small bubble size, which in turn allows for the mass transfer of gas to fluid. The result is a stable condition, where gases remain in solution for extended periods of time, leading to increased productivity and lower operating costs. Seair provides diffusion-enhanced portable wastewater treatment plants through its subsidiary, Seair Septic.

Seair Inc. is proud to have been selected as one of the "2008 TSX Venture 50", a ranking of the top 10 public venture capital companies in 5 industry sectors listed on the TSX Venture Exchange.