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Neucel Specialty Cellulose automates business management with Majiq software at BC locations

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Neucel Specialty Cellulose automates business management with Majiq software at BC locations

April 26, 2011 - 07:38

REDMOND, WA, April 25, 2011 (Press Release) -MAJIQ has successfully started up its PTMS integrated business software product for Sales Order Processing (SOP) and the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) requirements of Neucel Specialty Cellulose's manufacturing operations in Port Alice and its headquarters in Richmond, both locations in British Columbia, Canada. Neucel manufactures a number of dissolving woodpulp grades and supplies these products to markets around the world.

The project automates business management functions which were largely handled by manual procedures with spreadsheet-based tools. PTMS provides to Neucel's operations current, integrated systems that greatly improve the efficiency of Customer Service, Logistics and Operations personnel while providing timely, accurate, complete and relevant business intelligence data.

John Schroeder, Vice President Supply Chain for Neucel, says: "We needed to modernize our information systems and improve the speed and effectiveness of communications among all our sales, operations and financial staff. Since I had used the PTMS system in a previous pulp manufacturing company, I was confident that PTMS would meet the requirements of our demanding dissolving woodpulp lines. The MAJIQ team met our expectations, and the system has assisted us significantly in the achievement of our performance improvement goals."

Steve Latham, President of MAJIQ, says "The Neucel and MAJIQ project teams worked very closely together to manage and control the conduct of this mission-critical project, meeting the many aspects of the functional requirements, some of which are exclusive to dissolving grades. PTMS is uniquely tailored to pulp operations yet flexible enough to meet a wide variety of specific pulp mill footprints. It is a valuable product in our portfolio. PTMS will meet Neucel's SOP and MES needs for years to come."

About Neucel Specialty Cellulose:

Neucel Specialty Cellulose Ltd is an aggressive player in the global market for dissolving woodpulp products. We are currently making strategic investments to increase our production capacity, further improve our cost competitiveness, and continue the enhancement of our woodpulp grades aimed at delivering distinct competitive advantages for our customers. We aim to set the ‘gold standard' in the manufacturing of dissolving woodpulp.

Neucel is a privately-held Canadian corporation located in Port Alice, British Columbia, Canada. We are a local company with a long global reach. Our manufacturing facility is located on Vancouver Island; our sustainable and renewable fibre is harvested locally; we employ local residents and help sustain our local economies. In contrast, our customer base has the ability to reach as far as Asia, Europe and throughout North America.

We are one of the world's top suppliers with the capacity to manufacture up to 195,000 metric tons of cellulose woodpulp per year. We encourage newcomers from all areas of the globe to join our exceptional team, share the striking beauty of North Island life and enrich our corporate dynamics.


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