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Graphic Packaging expands interactive marketing agreement with Augme

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Graphic Packaging expands interactive marketing agreement with Augme

April 27, 2010 - 10:10

NEW YORK, April 27, 2010 (Business Wire) -Augme Technologies, Inc., a technology and services leader in interactive media marketing platforms, announced today that it has expanded its marketing agreement with Graphic Packaging International (GPI), one of the world's largest consumer product packaging companies, to provide turnkey solutions for the mobile redemption of new intelligent loyalty codes, resulting in unique marketing opportunities and purchase-incentive programs for consumer brands and marketing agencies.

Loyalty Codes are number sequences or 2D bar codes added to packaging that enable the capture of additional purchase information, like product and size purchased, store name, geographic region, etc. GPI has developed processes related to the high-speed production and printing of these codes on product packaging. By integrating these codes with the Augme AD LIFE(TM) mobile marketing platform, the solution facilitates convenient interactivity between the brand and the consumer.

The GPI/Augme turnkey solution for code production, printing and mobile redemption via text messaging and 2D code scanning is a first-to-market offering that enables brands and their marketers to identify and collect highly targeted consumer-purchase information in an easy-to-use and rewarding manner for consumers.

Augme and GPI make the implementation of loyalty code marketing easy to design and deploy, enabling brands to be up and running with new campaigns in as little as two weeks. Furthermore, the analytics derived from these new intelligent codes and mobile interaction gives marketers powerful up-to-date metrics on consumer demographics and behaviors by comparing responses against more than 120 million consumer profiles, enabling marketers to quickly refine campaigns and incentives for their target audience.

Consumers engage in a campaign by using their mobile phone to redeem loyalty codes printed inside a packaged product. In addition, marketers can extend the brand beyond the loyalty process enabling participating consumers to easily receive interactive rich-media content over their mobile phones, which can offer extra loyalty points, rewards or prizes, instant coupons or other interactive marketing content designed to leverage the intelligence delivered by the solution.

Augme Chief Business Development Officer, Anthony Iacovone, said, "The broad range of solutions we deliver to our client marketers gives them flexibility and control unparalleled in mobile marketing today. Our strong partnership with Graphic Packaging has once again driven a first-to-market program that raises the bar for mobile content delivery, consumer interaction, consumer loyalty and highly targeted behavioral marketing. We appreciate the trust GPI has shown in us and we are committed to providing ever-increasing value to their clients."

For CPG marketers, the end-to-end offering from Augme and Graphic Packaging creates new and unique opportunities for marketing sweepstakes, couponing, and other incentive programs used to drive product purchases.

Charles Brignac, GPI Marketing Manager, Business Development, said, "Augme continues to provide enhancements to the mobile capabilities that we can offer our customers. The addition of a mobile response mechanism for loyalty code programs is yet another example of Augme's innovation. By providing consumers with a more convenient way to enter loyalty codes via their cell phones, the likelihood of consumer participation is increased significantly. The increased consumer participation then releases the full potential of consumer insight available through the Augme database of the profiles of 120 million cell phone users."

About Augme Technologies, Inc.

Augme Technologies, Inc. is the technology and services leader in interactive media marketing platforms that enable marketers and agencies to seamlessly integrate brands, promotions, video and other digital content through the power of the Internet and mobile communications. Augme's intuitive new media marketing platforms give companies the control they need to quickly create, deploy and measure rich-media, interactive marketing campaigns across all networks and devices. Campaigns built on Augme marketing platforms condense the customer loyalty cycle by delivering personalized brand experience to customers where they work, play and live. Through its three operating divisions including mobile marketing (AD LIFE(TM)), video content delivery (AD BOOM(TM)) and ad network provisioning (AD SERVE(TM)), Augme is connecting brands and content to consumers in a network of mobile and multimedia experiences enabling companies and their marketing agencies to create new markets and monetize brand interactions. Augme is headquartered in New York City. For more information, visit

About Graphic Packaging International, Inc.

Graphic Packaging International, Inc., a subsidiary of Graphic Packaging Holding Company, headquartered in Marietta, Georgia, is a leading provider of paperboard packaging solutions for a wide variety of products to food, beverage and other consumer products companies. The company is one of the largest producers of folding cartons and holds a leading market position in coated-recycled boxboard and specialty bag packaging. The company's customers include some of the most widely recognized companies in the world. Additional information about Graphic Packaging, its business and its products is available on the company's web site at

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