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Climax Paperboard and Packaging implements Solarsoft aVP estimating software

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Climax Paperboard and Packaging implements Solarsoft aVP estimating software

October 12, 2012 - 08:05

CHICAGO, Oct. 11, 2012 (Prweb) -Solarsoft Business Systems, a leading provider of enterprise software and IT services to manufacturers worldwide, is pleased to announce that Climax Paperboard and Packaging of Lowville, New York, has selected Solarsoft aVP estimating software for packaging manufacturers.

Unsatisfied with the estimating functionality of their existing business system, Climax sought out an estimating solution designed specifically for the packaging industry. Having used the Solarsoft aVP Advanced Planning and Scheduling module for a number of years with great results, Climax requested a demonstration of the aVP estimating module.

"We have been very pleased with the Solarsoft aVP scheduling system, so we asked for a demo of their estimating system as well," says Jill Boliver, Vice President of Administration at Climax Paperboard and Packaging. "We found that the aVP estimating software fit our operations so well that it just made sense to implement it, rather than have our existing business system vendor customize their software."

When completing estimates with their existing ERP system, Climax was spending too much time collecting, analyzing and inputting data and costs. "As Solarsoft was designed and written specifically for our type of business, the data we need for estimates already resides in the system," says Boliver. "It's so easy to use that we can get our estimates done much faster. This allows us time to analyze what we're offering to the customer and ensure they get the best price."

With Climax's existing ERP system, all iterations of the estimate had to be input into the system. "If a customer wanted 20 different sized boxes, we would have to enter them as 20 different estimates," says Boliver. "Now with aVP we simply use the base data, and just change the sizing to quickly create the estimate. This makes creating variations of the same estimate much faster and accurate, and has saved us significant time in the process."

"We are delighted that Climax Paperboard and Packaging has expanded its existing investment in Solarsoft aVP by taking advantage of our market-leading estimating software," says Andy Armitage, Senior Vice President at Solarsoft. "We are confident that the ability to quickly and easily generate estimates with aVP will help them achieve even greater efficiency and customer service."

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Solarsoft provides modern enterprise software and IT services to manufacturers, distributors and wholesale businesses worldwide. The company has grown organically and through acquisition since 1986 and has worldwide revenues of US$100 million. Solarsoft employs more than 450 professionals providing local support across 16 time zones. More than 2,500 companies rely on Solarsoft to bring clarity and efficiency to their daily operations. For more information please visit