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Futura’s technology center receives landfill-free enterprise certification in Horsham, PA

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Futura’s technology center receives landfill-free enterprise certification in Horsham, PA

March 26, 2013 - 17:15

PHILADELPHIA, PA, Feb. 22, 2013 (Press Release) -"Going green" is a popular status that many companies strive to achieve. But Futura Services, a leading Amtech Software technology support company based outside of Philadelphia, PA made this goal a reality. This month, Futura's Technology Center in Horsham, PA was designated as a certified Landfill-Free Enterprise.

Earlier this year, Randy Alvarez, Technology Center Supervisor at Futura, initiated a collaboration with Sustainable Waste Solutions (SWS), an environmental management firm that assists corporations in developing programs to reduce, reuse, and recycle waste. SWS performed an audit on the site and suggested the best solutions. Through this effort, Futura was able to obtain "landfill-free" status.

Alvarez, who practices environmentally friendly initiatives at home, is very pleased that the company where he works is now green, too. He said, "Not only are we protecting the environment, we are reducing costs. After speaking with SWS on the benefits of using their services, it was a no brainer."

As a company grows, so too does the amount of waste produced. Futura Services was no exception. Alvarez explained that the company had to have the previous waste company empty two of their dumpsters every day and their 30-yard dumpster was emptied nearly every month. Alvarez said, "With SWS we are down to once a week with one dumpster, as most of our waste was paper and boxes, which are now baled and sold to SWS."

With the "Landfill-Free" Certification, 100% of all waste from the tech center is now reused or recycled, not only does this save the company in conventional waste disposal, but the waste removed by SWS will be converted to new electric energy. Additionally, Futura installed a corrugated baler in its Tech Center which SWS pays Futura to pick up, along with a 30 yard container for wood skids that SWS will convert to mulch.

"Futura is committed to serving our customers while being mindful of our community's needs and reducing our environmental impact," said Michael DeNicola, North American Sales Manager. "We are proud of our efforts as we continue to find ways to improve in all aspects of our business."