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Digital mail provider Zumbox acquires global partner for IT solutions to distribute white-label software through platform

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Digital mail provider Zumbox acquires global partner for IT solutions to distribute white-label software through platform

April 19, 2011 - 10:25

LOS ANGELES, April 19, 2011 (Market Wire) -Zumbox, the leader in digital postal mail services, today announced a global partner program for systems integrators and IT solution providers, enabling them to offer distribution and deployment of the highly customizable Zumbox Platform. In addition to direct platform access, the program offers documentation, integration guides, APIs and customizable platform extensions for mobile, tablet and other devices, as well as training and support. Partners also receive referrals based on inbound leads for both mailer integration projects and full country-level deployments.

The Zumbox Platform is a locally deployable, white-label software offering that provides postal operators and commercial entities a complete system for the digital delivery of mail based on street addresses. Digital postal mail is an exact facsimile of paper mail created from a diversion of the existing print stream. It is presented and archived digitally for consumers in a centralized, secure, online location, creating significant cost savings for mailers along with the environmental benefits of reduced paper production and waste.

"Fueled by consumer demand and the need to cut cost and increase efficiency, postal operators as well as commercial mailers around the world are exploring digital mail delivery as an alternative communications channel to traditional paper mail," said Adam Schneider, General Manager of Zumbox Software, Inc., the licensing arm of Zumbox, Inc. "The availability of the Zumbox Platform allows systems integrators to meet this growing need with a digital postal system that can be deployed rapidly in any country."

Designed for postal operators and commercial entities that wish to quickly and economically go to market with a digital post offering, the Zumbox Platform supports the postal address database of any country where a licensee may operate. For most large mailers, street-address-based communication is the only way to reach one hundred percent of the people they serve. The platform is configured to integrate easily with all aspects of the postal infrastructure, offering a unique method for processing the digital print stream and presenting it online with no new development required.

The Zumbox Platform enables multi-channel delivery for postal operators, allowing them to offer mailers the ability to deliver mail both physically and digitally in parallel until consumers opt out of receiving the paper. Consumers benefit from a simple, timesaving and environmentally responsible mail alternative with permanent online recordkeeping of their important mail and documents.

"In the past, Zumbox has provided professional and integration services directly for licensees and large, high volume mailers, but as we scale our business, global partners are a key part of our strategy," said John Payne, Zumbox CEO. "This program provides a vehicle for us to properly support and enable those partners while allowing us to refer services business to the most highly trained and qualified service providers."

About Zumbox

Zumbox provides the world's first platform for digital postal mail. It connects large transactional, financial and government mailers to consumer households for the delivery and storage of digital postal mail via local postal agencies and the Internet. Digital postal mail is an exact facsimile of paper mail created from a redirection of the print stream originally intended for large mailing systems. For every street address in a country, the Zumbox Platform offers a corresponding digital mailbox, enabling mail and other content to be delivered and stored digitally. Zumbox represents a more cost-effective, convenient and environmentally responsible way to deliver postal mail. Zumbox is a closed system of known, verified mailers and recipients, which provides bank-level security, complying with PCI, HIPAA and BITS security standards. Zumbox Software is the licensing arm of Zumbox, Inc. and offers distribution of the Zumbox Platform to postal authorities and commercial entities outside the United States.