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Baldor's new ball bearing is optimised for extreme duty applications

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Baldor's new ball bearing is optimised for extreme duty applications

April 20, 2010 - 01:03

FORT SMITH, AR, April 20, 2010 (Press Release) -Baldor Electric introduces a new Dodge-brand mounted ball bearing that offers extended life in automation equipment designed for the most extreme industrial power transmission applications, including aggregates, cement, paper, wood and metal processing.

Designated Dodge Extreme Duty, the new bearings feature a patented new sealing system and a ball retainer, for superior protection and reduced maintenance, providing outstanding performance in demanding applications where increasing equipment uptime is critical to success. These bearings, available in a variety of housing styles, use a 65 degree spacing for setscrews. This unique design offers an optimum balance between locking force and inner ring stress.

The new sealing system, QuadGuard, consists of two patented features: a triple lip seal and a rubberised flinger. The triple lip seal offers three points of contact, keeping the lubricant in and contaminants out. This unique design maximises sealing with a minimal amount of drag. The rubberised flinger, the industry's first and only patented design, is a moulded nitrile rubber component that is bonded to the flinger surface and provides an additional barrier to contaminants. The rubber baffled design on the external surface of the flinger enhances the removal of liquid as it rotates, while grease chambers on the internal surface of the flinger prevent lubricant from exiting the bearing.

A new two-piece ball retaining cage, Maxlife, creates a grease compartment around each of the rolling elements. The compartments provide constant contact between ball and grease so an oil film always exists to prevent wear, and minimise friction and heat. The compartmental construction holds in the grease and prevents it from being washed out. This exclusive design extends the life of the bearing and requires less frequent relubrication than standard designs.

For additional protection, the housings are machined with a groove to accept a snap-on polymer end cover to cover exposed, rotating shafts and create safer working conditions. These covers incorporate a drain hole to prevent moisture build-up.

Dodge Extreme Duty ball bearings also utilise the latest synthetic grease technology to provide lower operating temperatures, and extend grease life and the interval between relubrication operations. The range is available in a wide range of imperial sizes plus metric sizes from 20 to 85 mm.