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Avery Dennison adopts telecom management best practices methodology

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Avery Dennison adopts telecom management best practices methodology

July 07, 2015 - 17:34

INDIANAPOLIS, IN, July 7, 2015 (PRWeb) -AOTMP is pleased to announce Avery Dennison's adoption of its Efficiency First® Framework and methodology, a disciplined and best practice approach for managing a fixed and mobile telecom environment, to build a high-performance, best-in-class telecommunications environment that will become a strategic asset used to drive business growth within the organization.

As part of the Efficiency First® Certification Program, a comprehensive baseline establishes the foundation for identifying technical, operational and financial improvement opportunities; and optimization activities occur continuously to assist in alignment with the Efficiency First® Framework.

The environment is then measured and benchmarked against the AOTMP Efficiency First® Performance Index, which includes over 750 potential points of inefficiency as well as 300 performance and opportunity identification measures. The organization will receive a Performance Index Rating Score illustrating technical, operational and financial efficiency, strategic business alignment and competitive performance, and receive a certification level of Gold, Platinum or Master based on their score. Currently, Avery Dennison is a Silver Adopter, signifying that it has received its initial score.

"I am sure, like many companies, there was not necessarily one watershed moment that brought us to adopt AOTMP's Efficiency First® Framework. There were many signs that it was time for Avery Dennison to take a closer look at our telecom environment. We operate in over 50 countries, and each country seemed to have a different process for capturing and managing telecom costs. This made it difficult to get visibility into the environment. We knew we needed a standard methodology to utilize; and wanted to align ourselves with best practices for Telecom Management. We are excited to go on this journey with AOTMP, and anticipate this will help us build an efficient and well-managed telecom ecosystem that a large global organization like Avery Dennison needs," stated Chris Zafirson, Director of IT Finance at Avery Dennison.

"AOTMP is pleased to have a large global organization like Avery Dennison recognize the value of adopting the Efficiency First® Framework as it works towards certifying its telecom environment. We believe this disciplined best practice methodology provides all the tools necessary for any organization to drive efficiency, and the optimal productivity, into their telecom management activities. We continue to set the standard of measurement for all telecom environments and are confident that our Efficiency First® Framework and associated certifications allow organizations and vendors the ability to create highly effective and efficient telecom environments," said Tim Lybrook, CEO of AOTMP.


AOTMP is an information services company that helps organizations take their fixed and mobile environment to a greater level of performance and helps telecom vendors achieve excellence in creating value for their clients. Using information and analytics to drive efficiencies, performance and productivity, business solutions are based on their patented Efficiency First® Framework.

Our mission is to drive adoption and utilization of industry standards and best practices through the Efficiency First® Framework to create a high-performing telecom management ecosystem. For more information, visit Follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter @AOTMP.


Avery Dennison is a global leader in labeling and packaging materials and solutions. The company's applications and technologies are an integral part of products used in every major market and industry. With operations in more than 50 countries and 25,000 employees worldwide, Avery Dennison serves customers with insights and innovations that help make brands more inspiring and the world more intelligent. Avery Dennison Corporation is a Fortune 500® company with sales of $6.3 billion from continuing operations in 2014.