Appvion launches new thermal receipt paper, Alpha Free, with vitamin C in place of BPA, BPS

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Appvion launches new thermal receipt paper, Alpha Free, with vitamin C in place of BPA, BPS

June 11, 2015 - 17:52

APPLETON, WI, June 11, 2015 (PRNewswire) -It won't cure the common cold, but Appvion, Inc.'s new eco-friendly receipt paper, Alpha Free, proves vitamin C works wonders at the cash register.

Alpha Free is the first and only thermal receipt paper to use a vitamin C formulation in place of phenols like BPA or BPS. Whole Foods Market is now the first major national grocery retailer in America to use the new, natural and sustainable choice in receipt paper that shoppers can feel good about at checkout.

"In the last few years, multiple studies concluded that BPA found in receipts can be absorbed into the skin. If you are someone who handles receipts daily, like a cashier, that can be scary," said Dave Pauly, Alpha Free Product Manager for Appvion. "A growing number of shoppers and employees are looking for more natural product options. That movement encouraged us to develop our vitamin C-based receipt paper, Alpha Free."

A naturally occurring yellow tint helps Alpha Free stand out in a crowd and lets shoppers know what is (and isn't!) in their receipt.

"Consumers like the yellow shade of the receipt, because they can easily tell their receipt is vitamin C-based and doesn't contain BPA or BPS," Pauly said. "We're expanding throughout the United States and Canada to environmentally conscious retailers like Whole Foods who see the benefit of our Alpha Free product."

In addition to its unique formulation and yellow color, Alpha Free receipts are:

  • 100 percent recyclable
  • Compostable in most areas
  • Made in the United States

With more shoppers than ever focused on green living and healthy options, switching to vitamin C-formulated Alpha Free receipts was an easy decision for Whole Foods.

"On average, 5,000 customers visit our store daily, meaning our cashiers touch hundreds of receipts every day. They are thrilled we made a move for them to provide a more natural receipt paper," said Sharon Wilkinson, Marketing and Community Relations Team Leader, Whole Foods Market, Cherry Creek, Colorado. "We are very passionate about the environment and doing everything we can to cut down on waste. We at Whole Foods Market want to set an example for other businesses to make sure they will follow in our footsteps and offer natural choices for both customers and employees, and we believe Alpha Free does just that."

Whole Foods Market is the first major grocery store chain to offer receipt paper free of controversial chemicals in both their Rocky Mountain and Southern California regions. Appvion's partnership with Whole Foods Market supports Whole Foods Market's dedication to providing naturally occurring and sustainable products as they begin to cut down on waste while raising standards for employee and customer health.

"We are really excited that Whole Foods Market adopted Alpha Free in all of their Rocky Mountain and Southern California stores," Pauly said. "They are a company that is nationally known for being dedicated to sustainability, natural products and employee health. It's a good fit for Appvion to partner with Whole Foods Market."

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