Zucamor starts up new 70,000 tonnes/yr corrugator at Quilmes plant in Argentina

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Zucamor starts up new 70,000 tonnes/yr corrugator at Quilmes plant in Argentina

December 08, 2014 - 18:40

SAO PAULO, Dec 5, 2014 (RISI) - Major packaging paper producer in Argentina Grupo Zucamor has installed a new Fosber corrugator at its Quilmes plant, in Buenos Aires province. "This is the most modern corrugator in the region and it can produce up to 70,000 tonnes/yr (110 million m2) of corrugated board," said Zucamor's commercial director Daniel Wanschelbaum. The executive explained that the equipment is not yet running at full capacity, as it replaced another corrugator which was operating at the same plant and is now being transferred to the company's San Juán unit, in western Argentina. 

Zucamor is the second largest corrugated board producer in the country with an estimated 15% market share. The company's total corrugated board production capacity is 250 million m2. Wanschelbaum mentioned that the Argentinean corrugated box market should decline by 6% this year and by a further 3% in 2015. 

Another recent investment made by Grupo Zucamor involved $75 million in a biomass energy project at its Papel Misionero plant. "Now we are moving on with the installation of a high consistency refiner, which should be operating in the first half of next year and will help us to improve our competitiveness in sack kraft paper production," Daniel explained.

Zucamor is the sole sack kraft producer in Argentina, making around 55,000 tonnes/yr. The company also produces around 35,000 tonnes/yr of kraftliner and 120,000 tonnes/yr of testliner and fluting at two mills in Argentina (Ranelagh and Mendoza). Furthermore, Zucamor makes around 120 million paper bags at the Puntapel plant, located in the San Luis province. 

The company has 23,500 ha of lands in Argentina, of which 13,000 ha are planted with pine.