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MWV Rigesa launches innovative containerboard line HyPerform at Três Barras mill in Brazil

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MWV Rigesa launches innovative containerboard line HyPerform at Três Barras mill in Brazil

January 20, 2014 - 07:43

SAO PAULO, Jan. 17, 2014 (Press Release) - MWV Rigesa, one of MWV's business units in Brazil, is once again innovating in the Brazilian paper market. The company is launching this month the HyPerform line, a new generation of kraftliner and fluting papers which offers a more resistant product with a lower basis weight. Besides, the new paper offers better grammage uniformity, thickness and moisture - unique characteristics which are very demanded by customers.

The launch is result of a Real 1 billion ($480 million) investment made by MWV Rigesa during the last three years in its integrated platform (forests, paper and packaging) in order to expand its businesses in Brazil. Most part of the investment was directed to Rigesa's expansion project at the Três Barras mill, in Santa Catarina state, southern Brazil, with the acquisition of a new paper machine (PM 4) which has the most advanced technology existing in the world for kraftliner paper production.

With these steps, the company doubles its production capacity at Três Barras, securing supply to a market which grows continuously in Brazil and in Latin America. "Besides the target of attending Rigesa's internal demand for those papers, this investment brings the new paper generation HyPerform, which affirms our commitment to the continuous increase and our leadership in the Brazilian market," stated Jairo Lorenzatto, MWW's business director. "Nowadays we are producing over 430,000 tonnes/yr of HyPerform papers," said the executive.

The HyPerform line has a better performance compared to other alternatives in the Brazilian market, as it was designed to be premium. "This product is innovative in the markets we sell to, since it allows a grammage reduction of up to 20% in the corrugated packaging production and also because it offers higher productivity: turning our clients' production process faster and optimizing their capacity use. But the benefits go further - the new line also offers better performance results to our customers' products," Lorenzatto explained.

The new production process at Três Barras also brings environmental advantages, with a reduction of 10% in greenhouse gas emissions and of 61% in water consumption, as well as generates 70% less water effluents and 58% less solid residues. The HyPerform line is certified by CERFLOR, which is under PEFC forest certification system's umbrella.

"We are very proud to say that MWV Rigesa currently offers, with no doubt, a product which is among the best kraftliner papers in the world. As a result of the investments we did, we have more conditions to offer high level services to our clients and also we will be able to compete with a product which doesn't have any other similar in the markets we attend," Lorenzatto commented.

In Brazil, MWV has over 3,000 employees at its businesses: Beauty & Personal Care, Healthcare and Home & Garden, with a primary plastic unit; Specialty Chemicals, with a bio-refinery and a derivative products plant; and Industrial Packaging (MWV Rigesa), with one paper mill, four corrugated board plants and the management of 54,000 ha of forests, including pine and eucalyptus plantations as well as 21,000 ha of native forests.