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Klabin supplies 190 tons of scrap paper to support recycling associations and cooperatives during coronavirus pandemic in Telêmaco Borba, Brazil

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Klabin supplies 190 tons of scrap paper to support recycling associations and cooperatives during coronavirus pandemic in Telêmaco Borba, Brazil

April 28, 2020 - 01:51
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PARANA, Brazil , April 27, 2020 (Press Release) -To support the solid waste recycling service in Telêmaco Borba and the surrounding region, Klabin supplied 190 tons of scrap paper to the city’s recycling cooperative and the Imbaú waste collectors association.

The Imbaú Recyclable Material Collectors Association (ACAMARI) will receive 40 tons of paper next week. The supply will come at an opportune moment, given that the Association lost 18 tons of materials after a fire in its premises early this month. Nobody was injured but the accident put at risk the income of 13 members, who depend directly on the sale of recyclable materials. Klabin’s donation is equivalent to R$16,000.

The Telêmaco Borba Environmental Cooperative (COOPATB) received 150 tons of paper from the company. Jane Clea Rocha Camargo, interim president of COOPATB, said that the supply came at a crucial moment for the cooperative. “The donation complemented the income of 32 members of the cooperative. Without it, our income in March and April would be almost zero”, she said. Besides receiving the paper, the members started following the safety guidelines implemented by Klabin.

People working at the place who were part of the risk group for the new coronavirus were removed temporarily but continued to receive the same wages as those who could continue working. The cooperative also started to wait 72 hours before starting to sort the solid waste. “We are very grateful for the donation and for the tips to continue working, but safely”, Jane added.

According to Júlio Nogueira, Sustainability and Environment Manager at Klabin, the initiative is directly aligned with the company’s sustainability vision. “We start off from an integrated vision that understands the importance of not only taking steps to fight the new coronavirus, but also extending support to the economic activity of important partners. Collectors play an important role to maintain the circular economy, in addition to ensuring a more appropriate disposal of waste,” he said.

Health too is solidarity

In addition to scrap paper, Klabin delivered hygiene items for the recycling cooperative professionals in Telêmaco Borba, Imbaú, Ortigueira and Reserva, as part of an initiative by the Environment and Sustainability team. The campaign was conceived by 44 employees from diverse areas, who contributed to the production of 66 kits containing bleach, detergent and soap for personal hygiene. Klabin also contributed to the initiative by donating masks, gloves and eyeglasses.

In Telêmaco Borba, the donations were made personally at the end of March, respecting the physical distancing guidelines. On the occasion, Klabin employees also provided guidance on the use of the donated items and reinforced the importance of taking health and hygiene measures. For other associations in the region, detailed instructions were sent with the kits.

The initiative was led by Henrique Luvison, coordinator of the Environmental Responsibility team at Klabin, who has a long-standing relation with cooperative members. All of them work together in Klabin’s Solid Waste Program. According to him, the actions are part of a daily exercise that all of us have to do: look carefully at those around us. “It is important to show this solidarity and look out for the well-being of those around us, because simple things are not always accessible to everyone,” he said.