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Brazil's Bignardi hires Voith Paper to improve production and quality control at its PM2

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Brazil's Bignardi hires Voith Paper to improve production and quality control at its PM2

April 14, 2011 - 17:43

SAO PAULO, April 14, 2011 (Press Release) -The main purpose of Bignardi Papéis when acquiring a Voith Paper automation package was to improve the process and quality control of its PM 2. Established in Jundiaí, in the state of São Paulo - Brazil, the printing and writing paper producer Bignardi (focused on Eco Millennium recycled paper) celebrated early in 2010 the acquisition of such modern equipment, aiming to enhance the quality of the produced paper.

The scope of supply included two Voith LSC scanners, one to be installed at the SpeedSizer, with basis weight and moisture measurement, and the other for the reel, with basis weight, ashes and moisture measurement; as well as a OnQ ModuleStep, that is a system for the automatic control of the basis weight CD profile, to be installed at the headbox. Both Voith LSC scanners were bought to replace existent equipment, in order to achieve the measurement and quality control standards required by Bignardi.

Start-up occurred last November. This supply consolidates an old partnership, confirming the trust of Bignardi in Voith Technology. "The first Bignardi's business with Voith Paper was the acquisition of a paper machine, the second equipment of this size manufactured by Voith and sent to Brazil, in 1925", states Ivan Medeiros, Voith Paper Automation Sales Manager. "We won the client's loyalty with leading edge technology, innovation and the excellence of our services", concludes the manager.

The supply included also the process audit - for identification of eventual improvement opportunities and indication of the required corrections previous to the installation of the new equipment, mechanical layout engineering, mechanical and electrical erection supervision, commissioning, start-up and training of the operation and maintenance teams.

The Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) was carried out in Germany, in August 2010, where the automation equipment was manufactured. The machine modernization resulted in a significant improvement of the basis weight and moisture MD profiles, as well as in the optimization of the basis weight CD profile.

Those benefits result from specific equipment characteristics, which differentiate the equipment in the market, such as basis weight and ashes sensors with SST (Solid State Silicon Technology), utilization of CanBus digital communication network for the transmission of data measured from sensor to server, measurement from web edge to web edge, high-speed scanning, among others. The OnQ ModuleStep is equipped with the proven OnQ Profilmatic control software, which executes continuous auto-mapping, eliminating thus the necessity of periodic mapping check, as well as the correspondent production loss. In this manner, it propitiates better results in cross profile controllers.

"In spite of the short functioning time, it is already possible to identify the gains generated by the newly acquired QCS (Quality Control System). Some of the benefits obtained are: increased trust of the operators in the control system; paper quality improvement; less specific steam consumption; reduction of losses due to differences in the basis weight CD profile; reduction of losses due to MD basis weight variation; machine speed increase due to basis weight stability and speed optimization, machine productiveness increase thanks to the process variability reduction", states Kalil José Parizotto, Bignardi Operations Manager.