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AstenJohnson highlights success of its new AccuFlow II Press Fabric with impressed paper machine customers

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AstenJohnson highlights success of its new AccuFlow II Press Fabric with impressed paper machine customers

September 30, 2013 - 04:27

CHARLESTON, SC, Sept. 26, 2013 (Press Release) - AstenJohnson's new AccuFlow II Press Fabric has so impressed its paper machine customers that 95 per cent are placing reorders; out of which 65 per cent of them place reorders while the fabric is still on trial on the paper machine. Users usually commit to a product reorder only after the fabric has come off the paper machine. AccuFlow II is the newest addition to AstenJohnson's Press Fabric portfolio and it shares the same unique 2+2 laminated structure as AccuFlow.

Actual mill findings from our customers running AccuFlow II show results such as increased life, reduced breaks, and greater dewatering with less vacuum. To date, acknowledged savings from customers have amounted to US$13 million dollars from 9 different positions.

AccuFlow II was developed to meet the needs of high-speed printing and writing machines with a fabric that has exceptional water handling capacity. The base is built using single monofilament and cabled monofilament yarns. This base design, awaiting a patent, provides resistance to compaction, low flow resistance, high water handling capacity and increased resistance to wear. AccuFlow II has also been modified to resist wear from abrasive fillers while it stays more open to eliminate common sheet handling issues.

AstenJohnson is a global manufacturer of paper machine clothing, advanced and filtration fabrics, filaments, paper machine equipment and custom rebuild solutions. As a supplier to the paper industry since 1790, our reputation is based on our steadfast commitment to understanding our customers' goals, having a thorough knowledge of our customers' equipment and manufacturing processes and knowing how to apply our expertise, products and services in order to help our customers attain their goals. Globally, we employ more than 2,000 associates and our corporate headquarters is based in Charleston, South Carolina.