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Colombia’s Carvajal Pulpa y Papel offers new tree-free grease resistant paperboard for fast food packaging

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Colombia’s Carvajal Pulpa y Papel offers new tree-free grease resistant paperboard for fast food packaging

April 04, 2012 - 11:54

YUMBO, Colombia, April 4, 2012 (Press Release) -Carvajal Pulpa y Papel, Colombia's most important fine paper producer, is pleased to introduce its latest product: THE 100% TREE FREE Grease resistant Kit 7 natural paperboard.

Carvajal Pulpa y Papel is the first company to develop this unique and NATURAL paperboard made from sugar cane fiber, a byproduct obtained from sugar manufacturing

The pulp that comes from virgin sugar cane fibers and all the raw materials used in the production of this paper board makes it suitable for direct contact with food in accordance to the regulations established by the FDA. Also certified by the German institute ISEGA on January 27th 2012

The Natural grease resistant paperboard is part of the EARTH PACT brand that belongs to Carvajal Pulpa y Papel, all products under this brand come from 100% sugar cane fiber and are totally FREE of bleaching and dyes chemicals, and most important, NO fluorocarbons additives or plastic films where used to reach the grease resistance level.

Our paperboard has great printability and colors look greatly highlighted resulting in a perfect contrast with our unique light cream colored product giving it a clean and healthy aspect, and it literally protects your health because it does not contain fluoride based chemicals nor recycled fibers. Our product is suitable to be used in the packaging of different food products: French fries, donuts, crispy chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers, sandwiches, bakery products, and others.

Eugenio Castro, Carvajal Pulpa y Papel's CEO said, "As a leading company in environmentally responsible products, we are very pleased to introduce this paper board to the market, as one of our premium sustainable options, showing our commitment with the planet and also with the health of the consumers/end users, looking for a sustainable future for all."

Carvajal Pulpa y Papel, a leading company with over 50 years of experience in the production of high performance papers from sugar cane bagasse, is part of the Carvajal S.A group, one of the largest Colombian multinational organizations, operating in 15 Latin American countries, with 26.000 collaborators.

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