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Tailor made maintenance

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Tailor made maintenance

September 22, 2010 - 20:59

USA, Sept. 23, 2010 (Press Release) -It's one of the paper industry's most-discussed questions during these tough economic times:

"How can mills stretch the maximum life from production systems and increase production while doing so?"

With increased interest in prolonging equipment life, maintenance takes on greater importance than ever before. For most mills, this means making the most of their own capabilities while leveraging automation suppliers for additional services to fill gaps. Paper customers want easy access to engineering support and spare parts to manage daily service requirements. They also want product upgrade and evolution programs to more effectively manage lifecycle issues and take advantage of new features.

To meet these requirements, ABB has transformed its service delivery models; analyzing and packaging them to meet customer's needs.

Scalable services

Our clients told us they wanted services that were flexible and customized for their mill's unique situation; everything from call-up support to complete maintenance outsourcing. By offering varying levels of service, in a selection of categories, ABB makes it easy for mills to choose the types of services needed to cost effectively execute their maintenance strategy.


Themaintenance support agreementis at the core of the service model. It encompasses the primary areas of our service offering and helps customers achieve operational objectives. It divides our portfolio into several categories: maintenance labor services, skills development services, system evolution services, parts and repair services, and optimization engineering services.

Mills can supplement in-house expertise and capabilities with modular, scalable services; from base-level to advanced levels when more assistance is needed. Mills may elect to do maintaince themselves in areas where they have the expertise and supplement other areas with ABB personnel.

Remote Enabled Services

Our newest and most exciting services stem from remote technology. ABB Remote Enabled Services enable technical support resources to provide delivery of defined services remotely, as well as to log in to provide troubleshooting support.

Lifecycle planning

Through Automation Sentinel, ABB software management service, coupled with maintenance and application engineering labor, and process optimization; mills keep systems up-to-date and ready for the challenges of tomorrow.

ABB lifecycle management and planning gives papermakers the technical information needed to determine which evolution plan is compatible with their business plan and provides the most benefit. Lifecycle analysis helps mills manage options to make sound decisions regarding equipment replacement, migration, or maintenance

Spare Parts Management

For fast access to repair or replacement parts, ABB offers multiple ways to research, track and purchase parts and repairs online or over the phone. Our on-line parts and repair order process offers a customized GUI for each user giving the user the ability to locate parts, manage parts transactions as well as track repairs and orders.

ABB Parts Fingerprint provides an analysis of existing spare parts inventory and evaluates the effectiveness of parts management and replenishment program. Through this program identifies cost saving opportunities regarding over stock, out-of-date inventory as well as the potential risk associated with insufficient stock or end of lifecycle issues.

ABB PartsPRO solution tracks and manages parts usage and tracks the status of your spare parts inventory.

ABB Inventory Access provides a site-specific compliment of spare parts with no upfront capital expenditures required. The inventory is maintained locally or on-site. ABB retains ownership and is responsible for obsolescence, depreciation, administrative, and inventory costs until parts are placed into service. A monthly subscription provides Inventories may begin with initial spares compliments or build over time through Inventory Rollover.

Skill Development services

ABB customized training and skills development services ensure members of the workforce are competent to handle system and process concerns. Courses are offered onsite at the mill or at an ABB training facility. If requirements include one or multiple engineers, ABB scalable, cost effective training is available to meet customer needs.