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The RISI top 50 power list 2010

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The RISI top 50 power list 2010

June 27, 2010 - 21:53

BRUSSELS, June 28, 2010 (RISI) -Making an appearance for the third consecutive year, the RISI Power List is the run down of the industry's top 50 movers and shakers. As per last year, we gathered opinion from inside our ranks (editors, economists, engineers) as well as from our myriad outside sources to determine who belongs on this list, that is, the people who wield the power.

Also, as per usual, we have come up with a few unusual choices that may amuse you. And, there are people on the list who may have nothing directly to do with making pulp and/or paper, but who definitely have influence. The powers that be in the electronic media business may come to mind immediately and, yes, they are there. But there are others who may surprise.

However, we do not think there is any question about our top choices. John Faraci, Antonio Maciel Neto, Tegah Wijaya and Jose Penido all merited serious consideration for the Number 1 position. In the end, we decided upon John Faraci for his continued leadership and foresight.

Even Steve Jobs, at Number 5, was a possibility. One of the great comments we received when asking for possible candidates for the Power List was that Jobs, as "general of the enemy army" had to be on the list. He added that Apple's products have changed consumer behavior faster than any other.

Obviously, it needs to be stated again that in a non-scientific poll such as this, there will be worthy people left off (or should have been) and there will be discussion about the rankings. The aim is to create a dialogue with our readers. We want to hear from you about people who have not made this list and should have. We also want to hear your opinions about the people on it. To join in the discussion, check out the RISI Group on LinkedIn, whose site has also made the list at Number 50.

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