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The PPI Awards 2011 – a close look at the contenders (continued…)

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The PPI Awards 2011 – a close look at the contenders (continued…)

October 24, 2011 - 01:22

BRUSSELS, Oct. 24, 2011 (RISI) -We have had a truly global response to the PPI Awards this year, with numerous entries from all continents and in all categories. Clearly this industry is beginning to understand the power of achievement, and that how being recognized is a tonic for all the people who work so hard in the pulp and paper business, from the top management offices to the paper machine halls and beyond.

Over the next few weeks on the run up to the event which will be held in Brussels 15thNovember, we are reviewing the companies, mills, products and profiling the people that have been nominated for an award in this year's PPI Awards. So far we have looked closely at the nominees for the Business Strategy of the Year Award and the Water Efficiency Award.

This week, as we look at the nominations for the Innovative Product of the Year category. This category was one of the most popular, as well as one of the hardest to judge, which goes to prove that paper makers are very much seeing that innovation in new products is the way ahead for them in the future.

Innovative Product of the Year Award

Cascades, Canada - Rollan Enviro100 Satin

Rolland Enviro100 Satin is a hybrid fine paper that combines the best of two worlds: the print quality of coated paper with the rich texture and environmental characteristics of uncoated paper. The paper is ideal for printing vibrant and colorful images and its surface treatment brings superior printing quality. Containing 100% post-consumer fiber, this new product for Cascades is FSC, EcoLogo, and Process Chlorine Free certified, and is manufactured using renewable biogas energy. Sold at the same price as Cascade's 100% recycled opaque paper, Rolland Enviro100 Satin meets a market demand for customers asking for whiter and brighter paper without having to switch from coated to uncoated papers.

Cascades Tissue Group, Canada - Cascades Moka Unbleached Bathroom Tissue

Cascades Moka® wants to be a new role model for the environment. This unbleached bathroom tissue is made of 100% recycled fiber and with 80% less water than the North American industry average. But the real difference lies in the pulp mix, with 20% coming from unbleached corrugated boxes and the remaining from unbleached white pulp from recycled fiber. Since the pulp mix is unbleached, no natural gas is required for the whitening process and manufacturing the tissue releases 30% less carbon dioxide. A life cycle analysis in 2011 showed this new recipe reduced the overall environmental impact by at least 25% when compared to Cascades' greenest available bathroom tissue.

Deltaclip International, The Netherlands - Deltaclip

Deltaclip is a revolutionary new paperclip made of paper. A sustainable alternative for the traditional metal paperclip, this paper-clip uses lower energy consumption, and emits lower carbon dioxide emissions and lower nitrogen dioxide emission during the production process. Challenged to develop an environmentally friendly alternative to one of the most used and well-known office products in the world, Deltaclip has a unique design that gives it strong binding properties. Sold at a competitive price, potential future options include personalized printing and the possibility to write notes directly on the Deltaclip.

Gold East Paper, Jiangsu, China - NEVIA Medical Imaging Paper

NEVIA® medical imaging paper is a better alternative to the traditional imaging plastic-films currently being used. Developed using a "Kyoto-style" approach, Gold East Paper took advantage of paper's environmental benefits and applied new advances in paper technology to create a high-quality, 100% sustainable product for the medical imaging market. The 100% biodegradable and recyclable paper is made using certified virgin fiber and controlled recycled fiber, and the cost is considerably lower than plastic films. In China, medical imaging is an emerging but rapidly growing field, and NEVIA® should have bright prospects as the medical industry and patients focus on using more sustainable products.

Holmen Paper, Sweden - Holmen VIEW

Holmen VIEW is a new paper product aiming to set a new standard. An uncoated paper with a balanced gloss, it has a silk-like feeling and a high print gloss that makes it an attractive alternative for magazines, supplements, and product catalogues. Because the paper has a high volume, printers can go down in grammage compared with LWC and SC and still retain image quality. After a development effort involving the entire Holmen team, production started in late 2010 and sales have been rising in volume. For Holmen's customers, VIEW creates new possibilities at a lower cost.

Mondi Dynäs, Sweden - Advantage MF SpringPack Plus

One of the world's strongest papers just got stronger. To meet customer demand and increase productivity, Mondi Dynäs decided to improve its Advantage MF SpringPack and developed the new Advantage MF SpringPack Plus. Setting an ambitious target to increase the paper's strength properties and reduce costs at the same time, SpringPack Plus is approximately 10% stronger. Used in the bedding industry and for packing sprint units in a roll packing machine, this paper offers a safer alternative to flat press packing. Environmental benefits were also added as customers can use a lower grammage on the paper, leading to the same amount of fibers used for a larger amount of spring units shipped.

Smurfit Kappa Specialties Division, The Netherlands - Euroboard Spezial Kraft

The demand for sustainable board has been steadily increasing in recent years. Euroboard Spezial Kraft is a sleeve from folding boxboard developed for packing tuna cans. Made of recycled board, this fully coated white-lined chipboard consists of a woodfree white top outer side, a grey 100% recycled fiber-based filler and a brown reverse side consisting of kraft virgin fibers. Fully recyclable, this product has a smooth finish allowing for extremely high-quality printing. The composition of this board in combination with its high quality, stiffness, surface and printability makes it a super product for board converters and packers alike.

Södra Cell, Sweden - DuraPulp

DuraPulp is a bio-composite mix of wood pulp and a biodegradable polymer. When the mix is heated, the plastic encapsulates the paper fibers and the two components take on special properties such as humidity resistance, tensile strength and rigidity. The result is a material with all the properties of ordinary paper but with the difference that it can cope with larger changes in weight and humidity. Like paper, the material is fully biodegradable and recyclable, extremely lightweight and durable. Used in such early applications as a designer lamp and the world's first fully biodegradable chair, DuraPulp offers exciting potential applications previously unexplored by pulp companies.