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The PPI Awards 2013 – a medley of winners

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The PPI Awards 2013 – a medley of winners

December 20, 2013 - 09:35

This year’s PPI Awards were presented at the prestigious Ritz-Carlton Financial Center in Dubai where a total of 15 categories were awarded to companies and individuals across a wide spectrum of the industry and from right across the globe.

The PPI Awards - now in their 5th Year, are the only global awards that recognize the serious ingenuity, innovation, and sheer hard work that goes into the skill of pulp and paper making. Our judges are completely independent, and come from all areas of the industry. Some are stalwarts, with a combined experience of many years both on the frontline, and managing and commentating on the industry from above, and others are from the demanding consumer area.

This year’s judges included: Teresa Presas, (CEPI), Rod Young (RISI), John Pollard (Unilever), Phillip Lawrence (Eco Logical Strategies), Neil Mc- Cubbin (Industry Consultant), Jonathan Roberts (Pryor Roberts Communications), Mark Williamson (Journalist Engineer), Martyn Eustace (Two Sides and Print Power), Jacqui Macalister (McDonald’s), Robert Wilson (AMEC), and IIkka Hiirsalmi (Independent Industry Consultant).

RISI would like to thank our sponsors for being able to support and champion the magnificent work and dedication carried out across this outstanding industry.

All RISI and PPI staff at the event would like to give our congratulations to the winners and runners up and we look forward to seeing you again next year.


Environmental Strategy of the Year Award


Sponsored by Metso

Winner: Cascades Tissue Group, Canada

According to the company, recycling has been part of its DNA since it inception in 1964. Over and above its environmental reporting, Cascades has gone one step further by developing its first sustainable development plan for 2010-2012, after consulting 200 stakeholders. This process led to the identification of 18 key performance indicators (KPI) that focus on the environmental, economic and social dimensions of sustainability.


• Bio-PAPPEL, Mexico
• Smurfit Kappa Kraftliner Piteå, Sweden
• Smurfit Kappa Mexico – Converting Division


Bio Strategy of the Year


Sponsored by Andritz

Winner: Smurfit Kappa Roermond Papier, Netherlands

The Smurfit Kappa paper mill in Roermond has, through an effective sustainability strategy, found valuable solutions for almost all of its reject streams. The company has set up a strategy to create value from its rejects and the on-site Rofire® production facility is at the core of the reject valorisation strategy at the mill. At this moment, 99.5% of its raw materials are converted into useful and valuable applications.


• Celulosa Arauco y Constitución (ARAUCo), Chile
• Smurfit Kappa Kraftliner Piteå, Sweden
• UPM, Finland


Managing Risk and Safety Award – Company of the Year


Sponsored by: FM Global

Winner: Mondi Heerlen, Netherlands

The Mondi Heerlen plant has reached the milestone of 10 years without a lost time incident. Over the years, many programs and projects have been implemented and improved. In the early days, this consisted of some basic programs like risk assessment, behavioral observation audits, near hit reporting and people involvement, which was later followed by implementation of a thorough management program based around OHSAS 18001 certification.


• DS Smith Logistics, UK
• Sappi Fine Paper Europe, Germany

Mario Gosselin, CEO of Kruger Products, accepted the Business Strategy of the Year Award from Voith by video link.


Business Strategy of the Year


Sponsored by Voith

Winner: Kruger Products, L.P. (KPLP), Canada

Last year was a year of milestones for Kruger. With a goal of improving profitability, its strategy included streamlining operations and creating efficiencies across its entire network to build value. A series of three key strategic decisions were executed throughout 2012, with the aim of improving its leading position in the Canadian marketplace while continuing with its growth in the USA.


• Bio-PAPPEL, SAB de CV, Mexico
• Middle East Paper Company (MEPCo), Saudi Arabia
• Portucel Soporcel Group, Portugal


Promotional Campaign of the Year Award


Supported by RISI Marketing Services

Winner: Sappi Fine Paper North America – Ideas that Matter

Sappi Fine Paper North America established the Ideas that Matter (ITM) grant program to recognize and support designers who use their skills and expertise to solve communications problems for a wide range of charitable activities. Today, ITM remains the only grant program of its kind in the industry. Sappi believes that the creative ideas of designers can have an impact beyond the aesthetic and that those ideas can be a powerful force for social good.


• Arjowiggins Graphic, France – Worldwide Cyclus Initiative
• Fedrigoni UK – SIRIo, “The Art of Color”
• Sappi Fine Paper Europe, Belgium – What’s Next Magazine
• Sappi Fine Paper North America – “Print &”Campaign
• Vinda International Holdings, China – Ultra Strong National Bus Tour


Graphic Papers – Innovative Product of the Year


Sponsored by HP and ColorLok

Winner: Gold East Paper (Jiangsu) Co, China

The company’s new type of high gloss paper, Cast Coated Paper, uses regular art paper as the base and then lightly coats it with a special coating formulation. The product achieves glossiness over 90% and works perfectly in gravure, offset, flexography and other printing techniques. According to the company, the product has the advantage of creating higher production efficiency while having a mirror-like gloss surface. The product is suitable for high-end label users in the cosmetic, medicine and food industries, as well as for promotional uses or bar code labels in supermarket and retail stores.


• BILT Graphic Paper Products, India
• Fedrigoni UK – SIRIo, “The Art of Color”
• Georgia-Pacific Communication Papers, USA


Tissue – Innovative Product of the Year Award


Sponsored by: Xerium

Winner: Cascades Tissue Group – Cascades Moka Tissue Products

Cascades® MokaTM 100% recycled unbleached bathroom tissue is, according to the company, “a first-of-its-kind product.” In addition to eliminating chemical whitening, Cascades’ value- added tissue product, which is beige in appearance, is made of a pulp mix composed of 100% recycled fiber, 80% of which is post-consumer material and 20% is recovered corrugated boxes.


• Lucart Group, Italy – “Natural” Product Range
• Papelera San Andrés de Giles, Argentina – “Tango Line”


Individual Awards



Global CEO of the Year Award


Sponsored by StepChange Consulting

Winner: Peter Oswald – Mondi Europe & International

Oswald was this year’s winner of the prestigious RISI European CEO of the Year award. Heading up one of the leading companies in Europe, Oswald has plotted and steered a course that has seen Mondi head for the added value areas such as specialist packaging, as well as expand in some of the emerging regions of the world, such as Eastern Europe and China.


• Sami Ali Al Safran – Middle East Paper Company (MEPCo)
• Jim Hannan – Georgia-Pacific
• Li Hongxin – Sun Paper
• Gary McGann – Smurfit Kappa Group
• Fabio Schvartsman – Klabin, Brazil


Mill Manager of the Year Award


Sponsored by ABB

Winner: Jo Cox – Managing Director of Smurfit Kappa Roermond Papier

Cox is a natural leader with the ability to motivate his people to work hard and achieve results. His management style involves a combination of giving clear objectives and deliverables, while at the same time allowing his people a degree of autonomy to encourage creativity. Proof of success can be seen in the mill’s continuous growth of output, high-quality products and strong EBITDA results. Under his management, sustainability has become a key business driver and has acted as a catalyst for innovation at the mill, with the aim to eventually become a zero waste mill.


• Abdul Razik Askalani – Middle East Paper Company(MEPCo), Saudi Arabia
• Dr. Chinnaraj – Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers Ltd.
• Regis Arsenault – Cascades Tissue Group

Representatives from ABB could not be there on the night, award presented by Mark Rushton, PPI


Mill Awards



Environmental Award – Mill


Sponsored by Cargill

Winner: BILT Graphic Paper Products – Unit Bhigwan,India

The mill has made considerable efforts to reduce emissions by constantly pursuing energy conservation measures and reducing fossil fuel usage. The mill has achieved the status of being a zero liquid and solid discharge mill with 100% of the treated effluent being utilized. The mill has consistently managed to reduce its pulp consumption over the years due to innovative process changes.


• BILT Graphic Paper Products – Unit Ballarpur,India
• Ecologic Brands, USA
• ITC Ltd, PSPD – Unit Bhadrachalam, India


The Water Efficiency Award


Sponsored by NALCO

Winner: Middle East Paper Company (MEPCo),Saudi Arabia

The paper production process is very water intensive; however MEPCO was able to overcome this challenge by entering an agreement with the nearby Khumarh waste water treatment plant, which handles the domestic waste water of the city, to reuse the treated wastewater for its operations. The wastewater discharge from the paper plant was treated and sent back to the waste treatment plant. After expansion, MEPCO installed screens, drum filters, two dissolved air flotation units and gravity filters to recycle a large share of the water internally.


• Smurfit Kappa C.D. Haupt Papier-und Pappenfabrik GmbH
• BILT Graphic Paper Products – Unit Bhigwan India
• Bio-PAPPEL, SAB de CV, Mexico
• Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers Ltd, India


Advances in Innovation in Sustainable Packaging


Sponsored by AkzoNobel

Winner: Ecologic Brands, U.S. – eco.bottle®

Ecologic Brands is a sustainable packaging company known for creating America’s first molded paper bottle, consisting of an outer shell made with 100% recycled cardboard and newspapers, integrated with a thin inner pouch, and which uses almost 70% less plastic than traditional plastic bottles. Post use, the outer shell can be composted or recycled with paper and the inner pouch can be recycled to provide a closed loop system.


• Carvajal Pulp & Paper – EarthPact®
• Iran Wood and Paper Industry, Iran
• Smurfit Kappa – Reusable Flower Box TwindiGo
Smurfit Kappa – Thuriet Ice Cream Packaging

Representatives from Ecologic could not be there on the night, award picked up by Rod Young, RISI


Advances and Innovation in Specialty Papers


Supported by Pulp & Paper International

Winner: Sappi Fine Paper Europe,Germany – Alfeld

In direct response to brand owners increasingly looking to source materials that address concerns regarding migration of mineral oil and other contaminants into food from cardboard containing recycled newsprint, Sappi has developed an innovative range of flexible packaging papers with a functional mineral oil barrier (MOB) coating. This coating solves the contaminant migration problem and still allows the environmentally sustainable use of recycled content in packaging materials.


• Carvajal Pulp & Paper – EarthPact®
• Liaoning ShenMei—Lung Meng New Environment Material Co, China


Supply Chain Award


Sponsored by Port of Antwerp

Winner: Mondi SCP, Slovakia

Mondi has been innovative in setting up a number of systems to streamline its supply chain processes, all with the customer at the core of its strategic planning. The company has worked hard to ensure it not only provides its customers with excellent quality ordered goods at an agreed price, but also gives them excellent service. A number of initiatives were implemented including improvements in the monthly sharing of mill time slots.


• Ecologic Brands, USA
• Mondi Syktyvkar, Russia Special Team Award


Breakthrough Technologies of the Year


Supported by Pulp & Paper International

Winner: Ashland Water Technologies, USA – Biobond Technology

Biobond is a highly innovative technology based on the idea that paper and papermaking could be much more sustainable if it were possible to recover starch from waste paper. Biobond is comprised of three separately fed chemistries, working together to prevent the loss of incoming starch to the environment and prevent the starch from degrading.


• EcoSynthetix Inc., USA – EcoSphere® Biolatex® Binder
• RYE Co, Inc, USA
• Zelfo Technology GmbH, Germany – Self-binding, Multi-scale, Ligno-Cellulosic Fiber Composites