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Slovenian paper maker Vipap Videm appoints Petr Domin as chairman of management board and CEO of Slovenian paper mill

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Slovenian paper maker Vipap Videm appoints Petr Domin as chairman of management board and CEO of Slovenian paper mill

February 11, 2020 - 05:36
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PRAGUE, Feb. 11, 2020 (Press Release) -The shareholders of an important European paper producer, Slovenian company Vipap Videm Krško, appointed Petr Domin the Chairman of the Management Board and CEO in November 2019. “My task is to ensure further development of the company, prepare a strategy leading to strengthening the market position in Central and Southeastern Europe and increase company´s profitability,“ stresses Petr Domin, new CEO of Vipap Videm Krško. “Vipap celebrated its 80th anniversary last year. When our followers celebrate a centenary, I want them to confirm, that we have done a good job here,“ adds Domin.

New owner of company is an investor association RIDG Holding, which purchased the paper mill last November from Czech Ministry of Finance, holder of 96.5% of shares. “Lately Vipap stagnated and literally lived from day to day. Petr Domin, during his time in office of Huhtamaki Group, doubled the profit,“ says Pavel Svoreň for stakeholders of RIDG Holding, part of PORTIVA investment group and adds: “Petr Domin´s task is to prepare the strategy to provide significantly profitable functioning of the company.“

Petr Domin joined Jipap, which later became a part of the Huhtamaki Group, in 1990 as an operator. At the end of 2018 left Huhtamaki as an Executive Vice President of Fibre Packaging division. During his time in office held the positions of Country CEO of Czech Republic (2005 to 2006), Norway (2006 to 2008) and Northern Ireland (2008 to 2009). Domin has created a system of the production KPI´s, which later spread within whole Huhtamaki Group division. As an Executive Director of European division of Fibre Packaging, Domin created the employees´ career development and education systems. Holding a position of Executive Vice President, personally managed the introduction of company´s CSR and was responsible for Huhtamaki Oy business strategy.

Petr Domin (53 yrs.) is married and has four children. He graduated in the field of paper and cellulose technology at the University of Pardubice and in 2005 got his MBA at Nottingham Trent University. In his free time he enjoys sports. In addition to athletics, he also likes golf and watching rally races, in which he used to participate as a co-driver during the Czech Championship competitions. “In sports I do, I always look for something that this activity can inspire me in people and company management,“ says Petr Domin and adds: “In the rally, the co-driver and the driver form a team. One without the other cannot win the race and at the same time they must absolutely trust, that each of them will do their part of the job with precision. This is exactly how I work with my team in the company.“

About Vipap Videm Krško

The foundation of the company was laid in 1939 by Franc Bonač, who built a pulp mill in the small village of Videm near the Slovenian town of Krško. At that time he employed 180 locals. Today, Vipap Videm Krško is the largest paper mill in Slovenia and an important supplier of newsprint, magazine and flexible packaging papers in Southeastern and Central Europe. Between 1997 and 2015, the company invested more than EUR 150 million to modernize its technology – not only to improve the exquisity of its production, but also to reduce its environmental impact. Today, its annual production exceeds 200,000 tons of paper. In 2019, EBITDA reached EUR 7 million and company had over 350 employees. In November 2019, the sale of the company was completed and the Czech investment holding RIDG took over the paper mill from the Czech Ministry of Finance.