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Segezha Group to install pulp disintegration line at Segezha PPM in December

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Segezha Group to install pulp disintegration line at Segezha PPM in December

September 04, 2020 - 10:17
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MOSCOW, July 28, 2020 (Press Release) -Segezha Group (part of PJSC Sistema) is expecting the supply and start-up of installation of a pulp disintegration line at Segezha PPM this December. This is so called vertical hydropulpermade by Austrian manufacturer Andritz AG. It will be installed at paper mill #3. Its capacity is 350 tons per day. The start-up of new equipment is scheduled for Q1 of 2021. Investments to the project will amount to or about 500 million rubles.

New equipment will enable the company to start commercial production of white high porous sack paper. At this stage, paper will be produced for in-plant needs. Segezha PPM specializes on production of extra strong kraft paper for industrial and consumer packaging. White paper will be supplied to Segezha Group LLC converting lines producing premium-quality products.

At the moment, a room for new equipment is being prepared at paper mill #3. A hydropulper, sorting section and tanks will be placed in a separate adjacent building. The hydropulper will provide for the optimal load of paper-makingmachines and possibility to maintain paper output in the periods of scheduled shutdowns of production facilities.

A water treatment unit will be installed at paper mill #4. NPK Mediana-Filtr was chosen as a technology and equipment provider. The unit capacity is 350 cubic meters per hour. Unit components are expected to be supplied and installed in November this year.

“An ultrafiltration technology was selected for the water treatment unit, where water is additionally decolorized for white paper production,” - said Tatiana Balekhova, Director for Investments at JSC Segezha PPM. - With this technology, pressurized fluid is pressed through a special semipermeable membrane. Using pressure difference and varying direction of water flow, the internal part thereof is purified continuously”.

Ultrafiltration equipment is designed to reduce water color, silt content, and remove suspended solids, ferrum, colloids, microbiological contamination and high-molecular organics. It guarantees high purification efficiency and stable quality parameters of effluent, even when the original water content varies; for instance, this happens throughout high-water and blooming periods, when amount of mineral and organic impurities and microorganisms in water increases.

As the project is implemented, a special attention is given to environmental protection. The need to ensure minimal impact on environment and environmental friendliness of production facilities being developed is taken into account.

For reference:

Hydropulper is a metal tank with rotor-equipped disintegration unit underneath. To pulp bales (market pulp is supplied from storage locations to disintegration lines as pile of bales), dilution water is supplied to the tank. As the rotor spins, pulp is disintegrated, and as a result, water-fiber suspension (pulp stock) is produced.