Russia’s Volga produces 45 g/m2 newsprint with higher brightness gain of 66%

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Russia’s Volga produces 45 g/m2 newsprint with higher brightness gain of 66%

June 30, 2016 - 22:56

BALAKHNA, Russia, July 1, 2016 (Press Release) -On June 15, 2016, Volga’s paper makers with technical support from BASF (Germany) conducted a production experiment in pulp bleaching — the first of its kind in Russia — whereby a mixture of sodium dithionite and some modifying agents was added to the refiner to manufacture TMP with high brightness level. This TMP was then used in trial production of newsprint.

As a result, Volga produced 45 g/m2 newsprint (900 tonnes) with a brightness gain of 66% against standard 60%. Higher brightness is a good sign for printing companies as it enables better rendering of colour images and thus better quality in printing.

As explained by Volga’s chief process engineer Nikolay Skvortsov, preparatory work for the experiment was started back in 2015, after the kickoff meeting of Volga’s management and technicians with BASF’s specialists.

In February 2016, Volga carried out some field modifications to the existing TMP line and conducted preliminary trials with sodium dithionite in order to set up and test a new TMP bleaching circuit.

According to Nikolay Skvortsov, the results of the June trials will be studied by BASF experts and the conclusions will be available within several months.

In such a way, Volga Paper Mill continues to implement improvements to the newsprint process in order to accommodate customer requirements and potential product diversification. Well-established feedback relationships with customers ensure that the quality of Volga’s products meets the high demands of the printing industry.