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PulpEye supplies its fifth online pulp analyser at Holmen’s Hallstavik paper mill making it biggest PulpEye user

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PulpEye supplies its fifth online pulp analyser at Holmen’s Hallstavik paper mill making it biggest PulpEye user

June 29, 2021 - 09:26
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ORNSKOLDSVIK, Sweden, June 29, 2021 (Press Release) -Holmen’s paper mill in Hallstavik, Sweden, has received its fifth PulpEye online pulp analyser which makes the mill the biggest PulpEye user in the world. The first one came in 2006 and the fifth has just arrived at the mill.

The Hallsta Paper Mill, a part of Holmen Paper business area, is located about 100 kilometres north of Stockholm. The mill has two paper machines producing TMP based paper for various end-use segments, e.g. books and magazines.

“The Hallsta Paper Mill has a long history with PulpEye and they bought their first equipment already in 2006,” says Öjvind Sundvall, MD of PulpEye. “Now three analysers are placed in the TMP plant and since 2009 there is one in the paper mill, analysing samples from both paper machines’ stock preparations. The fifth is placed in the laboratory and will be used as a master for all online pulp analysers in the mill.”

“Our existing pulp analysers had for many years served us well but they were gradually approaching the end of their lifetime,” says Maria McGuinness, Production Engineer, TMP and Bleaching, at Hallsta paper mill. “A couple of years ago we therefore evaluated the different future replacement alternatives. We wanted a robust technology combined with flexible usage as well as good service and support and concluded that PulpEye was the pulp analyser most suitable for our needs. We have just received our fifth PulpEye in the mill. So now we have a modern and efficient way of controlling the pulp and stock quality.”

The PulpEyes in the TMP department are used to control the refiners such as quality control of the pulp as well as of the reject handling. The one in the stock preparation is used to control the LC refining processes. All PulpEye analysers are equipped with fibre, shives and CSF modules and in addition one analyser in the TMP department is also equipped with a CrillEye to analyse the pulps from the TMP plant for the paper machines.

PulpEye is a Swedish innovative measurement technology company, focusing on online applications and services in the pulp and paper industry, with the whole world as its market. The main product is the PulpEye pulp analyzer. Its offices are located in Örnsköldsvik, Sundsvall, Västerås (Sweden) and in Ottawa and Vancouver (Canada).

Hallsta Paper Mill, located in Hallstavik, is spearheading Holmen’s development into a speciality paper company and it is here that many of the speciality products are developed and produced. Paper from Hallsta Paper Mill is eco-certified and delivers significant cost efficiencies. Brands produced are Holmen VIEW, Holmen TRND, Holmen XLNT, Holmen PLUS and Holmen BOOK.

Holmen Paper, a business area within the Holmen Group, uses fresh fibre to develop innovative paper products that are ideally suited to books, magazines, advertising and packaging. The company specialises in areas of use that benefit from lightweight paper with high bulk and brightness and good printing properties. Fresh fibre from sustainably managed forests is also essential for the recycled paper of tomorrow. The mills are in Braviken outside Norrköping and in Hallstavik, Sweden.