Lithuania’s Grigeo Grigiškes completes modernization of its corrugated cardboard line

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Lithuania’s Grigeo Grigiškes completes modernization of its corrugated cardboard line

March 02, 2016 - 00:35

VILNIUS, Lithuania, Feb. 29, 2016 (Globe Newswire) -Following the successful completion of a number of investments in 2015, AB Grigeo Grigiškės has started 2016 with more good news.

Having assessed the market prospects and opportunities, and considered the needs of its customers, the company has successfully completed a new project in an investment of EUR 3.8 million with the aim of improving the quality of its products and raising efficiency of its production. This time, AB Grigeo Grigiškės has invested in the expansion of its production, storage, and administration premises and in an upgrade to its corrugation unit. When operating in three shifts, the unit will allow the output of corrugated cardboard to be increased by more than fifty percent.

In addition to increasing production, the project also fulfils the especially important objectives of improving product quality. Achieving these goals will further increase customer satisfaction and confidence, while the improvement in the cardboard cutting precision and optimization of the consumption of raw materials will have an especially positive impact on the efficiency of day-to-day operations.

AB Grigeo Grigiškės is a socially responsible company. It constantly takes care of the health and safety of its workers in the workplace, so its investments focus not only on business performance, but also on workers’ well-being. This modernization project is no exception. Installing upgraded equipment has resulted in a reduction in noise levels and a lowering of the temperature on the production floor. Production has become easier to control, and the line has become even safer for the workers in their day-to-day duties owing to the especially high equipment operating standards that are guaranteed by the manufacturer.

We are glad that the project, due to the careful preparation and hard work of a competent team, was implemented on time and became especially successful – the upgraded cardboard corrugation unit has already reached its design specifications and is running at full capacity.