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JSC Volga improves its multimedia program “Virtual tour to paper production” for conducting online excursions

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JSC Volga improves its multimedia program “Virtual tour to paper production” for conducting online excursions

January 15, 2021 - 09:13
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BALAKHNA, Russia, Jan. 14, 2021 (Press Release) -JSC Volga continues to improve the interactive resources that allow to visit the enterprise remotely by updating the program “Virtual tour to paper production” on the company’s official site.

Several new 3D panoramas that were shot at production facilities were added to the multimedia program intended for conducting online excursions to the production site of JSC Volga: those from new thermomechanical pulp plant, the launch of which took place in September 2020, from paper production plant №3, as well as from the new energy complex of JSC Volga. The updated panoramas kept all the features familiar to the viewers of the virtual tour: zooming objects of interest in and out, viewing the additional information about them, and the 360-degrees rotation.

The updated tour covers the main JSC Volga production facilities. Each of 3D panoramas features videos taken at plants that demonstrate manufacturing processes in detail.

In addition, the virtual tour became more accessible to the general public. Now it is possible to view the main JSC Volga production facilities not only from a computer or a laptop but from a smartphone as well: for this purpose, a full-fledged mobile version of the tour was developed.

One more innovation concerns the update of the virtual tour audio guide. Now the tour of the production site is available not only in Russian and English, but also in Chinese. This means it has become even more convenient for foreign guests.

“The purpose of the interactive program “Virtual tour to the newsprint production” is to present a three-dimensional image of the entire production site of the Balakhna Paper Mill Volga, that you can “visit” virtually, look around, zoom the interesting objects in and out, learn as much information about the technology of newsprint production as you want in an accessible and fascinating way. The tour provides the viewers with the opportunity to feel included in the process,” noted Alexey Moiseev, Head of the Public Relations Department of JSC Volga. “It is noteworthy that this program is especially relevant during the period of restrictions caused by the spread of the coronavirus infection, when students and partners of the company can’t visit the enterprise in person. Now, thanks to the new available technologies, everyone can take a virtual tour of JSC Volga without leaving home.”

You can get acquainted with the program "Virtual tour to paper production" on JSC Volga’s website in the section “Press center”.