Germany's Papierfabrik Scheufelen launches new fresh fiber product Grass Paper

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Germany's Papierfabrik Scheufelen launches new fresh fiber product Grass Paper

April 27, 2017 - 03:14

LENNINGEN, Germany, April 27, 2017 (Press Release) -In 1969 the first non-inflammable paper, developed by Scheufelen, flew with Apollo 11 to the moon: an important milestone in the history of the paper industry, just as trail blazing as the introduction of Scheufelen print art paper in 1892.

Grass paper, the newest product from Scheufelen and our contribution to the UN Agenda 2030, will again revolutionize paper production. Scheufelen grass paper is made with 50 % fresh fibers from sun dried grass. Different than other globally available fresh fiber pulps this material is produced locally around the paper factory in the Bio Sphere Region Schwäbische Alb from perennial grass plants. It will be processed in an integrated production site in the paper factory in Lenningen, operated jointly with the development partner Creapapier GmbH, Hennef, Germany.

The revolutionary feature here is the production of an economical fresh fiber pulp with the least possible environmental impact. This stems from a dramatically reduced industrial process water requirement (less than 1 liter per ton grass fiber pulp, compared to a few thousand liters per ton wood fiber pulp), a massive energy saving of up to 80 % per ton fresh fiber material and completely dispensing with the use of any process chemicals.

This significantly reduces the environmental impact of products packaged with grass paper, reinforces the already impressive ecological advantages of paper packaging and allows a unique marketing approach. Additionally, fresh fiber packaging solutions based on grass paper already fulfill all requirements which will arise from the planned German mineral oil regulation for packaging material for improved consumer protection. Suitability of material for food packaging has been certified by ISEGA, plus the material is recyclable, compostable and FSC-Mix certified (FSC® C009951).

The extensive expertise of the Scheufelen Team in the development of unique printing surfaces guarantees it’s suitability for offset printing. This has been demonstrated with great success by the pilot client Rondo (St.Rupprecht/Raab) in the development of packaging tables for fruits and vegetables.

Grass paper is suitable for the production of containerboard, liners and folding box containers, as well as for graphical applications. Multiple product examples have already been developed under a cooperation between Scheufelen and the Hochschule für Medien, Stuttgart, Germany by a group of master students in the new Lenningen Packaging Campus, showing huge potential for diverse market segments.

Grass paper is distributed by Scheufelen in different qualities under the brand names greenliner for container board and liner, Scheufelen graspapier for graphical applications as well as phoenogras in an exclusive combination of grass paper with the high white fresh fiber board phoenolux for unique high-end packaging solutions.

At present greenliner is available in grammages ranging from 80, 90, 105, 130 to 200 gsm, Scheufelen graspapier in 95 and 130 gsm and phoenogras in 360 gsm.

Papierfabrik Scheufelen GmbH + Co. KG

Papierfabrik Scheufelen distributes coated woodfree premium white papers and boards from certified fiber ((FSC® C009951 / PEFC™ 04-31-0688) to more than 40 countries. Production is on site in Lenningen, Germany, with a workforce of 330 and a production capacity of 140.000 tons/year. Additional production capacity of up to 150.000 tons is available for grass paper.

Paper brands phoenixmotion, heaven 42 and bvs / bro are available in all customary grammages and surfaces and are globally renowned for spectacular printing results and runability. Typical applications for these papers are high-end business reports, image brochures, books, art prints and calendars.

The high white fresh fiber board phoenolux captivates customers through the wide range of available grammages from 160 to 700 gsm, impressive printing results and its special physical qualities for converting uses. phoenolux is particularly suited for packaging and display applications in market segments demanding highest quality products, such as cosmetics, beauty, pharmaceutical, fashion and food, but distinguishes itself also in graphical applications.

With greenliner and phoenogras, the innovative, natural resource conserving Scheufelen grass papers, the German company focuses especially on the rapidly growing and massive market segment of fresh fiber packaging for foods.

Next to quality, quick service and total attention to customer demands Papierfabrik Scheufelen values in all products and their production sustained environmental protection: the company with a 160 year tradition is the only German paper producer able to produce its products in a Bio Sphere Reserve with the highest demands preventing pollution of water and air.