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Germany's Drewsen Spezialpapiere develops new PROSTRAW paper for production of drinking straws

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Germany's Drewsen Spezialpapiere develops new PROSTRAW paper for production of drinking straws

December 02, 2019 - 05:32
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LACHENDORF, Germany, Dec. 2, 2019 (Press Release) -Plastic drinking straws are one of the single use products that will be banned in a European directive from 2021.

DREWSEN, in partnership with paper straw manufacturers, have successfully developed an alternative to plastic straws: PROSTRAW which provides high water resistance and absolute safety for direct food contact.

Thanks to its mechanical properties, PROSTRAW Classic can be processed very well at high production speeds, to form a rigid and durable drinking straw. In addition, it is recyclable and compostable.

To manufacture straws with an increased shelf life for more demanding applications such as industrial applications, DREWSEN has developed PROSTRAW Smart with water-repellent properties. Not only does this grade provide a smooth and pleasant feel on the lips, the anti-fizz effect prevents the degassing of carbonated drinks.

Both varieties can be recycled via the blue bin, but should any paper straws find their way into the environment, unlike plastic straws, the paper straws will disintegrate within a short period, without any damage to wildlife or the environment.

DREWSEN welcomes the opportunity to work together in development partnerships to find tailor-made solutions for Tomorrow.

DREWSEN SPEZIALPAPIERE, with its headquarters in Lachendorf, Germany, supplies its speciality and security papers to many customers throughout the world. With a production capacity of 160.000 tons, the DREWSEN SPEZIALPAPIERE product portfolio is made up of three product groups: PROSECURA Security Paper, PROFINO Print and Packaging Paper and PROTECH Technical Paper. Since 2019 the group SUSTAINABLE PAPER SOLUTIONS offers solutions on the topic ‘paper instead of plastic’. More than 400 employees within this independent, family owned company generate an annual turnover of € 160 mil. DREWSEN SPEZIALPAPIERE is a market leader and world-renowned for its high quality products and individual customer service.