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FEFCO presents seven awards at its technical seminar in Geneva

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FEFCO presents seven awards at its technical seminar in Geneva

October 15, 2019 - 11:30
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BRUSSELS, Oct. 14, 2019 (Press Release) -The most innovative, inspiring and sustainable players in the corrugated industry were honoured with prestigious awards on October 11 at the end of the FEFCO Technical Seminar in Geneva.

FEFCO, the European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers, issued seven awards at the end of the three-day event in Geneva.

The most prestigious FEFCO prize was for Best Innovation, the Gold Award went to Macarbox for the development of a new machine for toolless cutting, a novelty in the corrugated industry. The laser cutter and creaser combines perfectly with digital printing, and allows the industry to operate in extremely short lead times.

The Silver Award went to FEMAT for the development of software that predicts the strength of the boxes, thus reduces both testing time as well as manpower, energy and materials needed.

The Bronze Award went to Engico for the presentation on “the Dual size changes paradigm in corrugated” which combines two machines in one and offers fast change and production flexibility.

The Health and Safety Award was given to Dücker, for Sensorless Muting Solution for Safety Fencing. This rewards the improvements made in machine safety which is a crucial element in accident prevention as many incidents can be prevented by designing, installing, operating and maintaining safer machines.

The Sustainability Award went to Lemtapes for the replacement of plastic tapes with cellulose-based tapes.

The Best Presentation Award, out of some 60 six-minute spotlights delivered during the Geneva seminar, was won by Robert Karimov, from Karimov, who was praised “for explaining complicated things in a simple, entertaining way”.

And the most Inspiring New FEFCO Member Award went to AVCO, who developed a camera inspection system with many applications.

FEFCO’s also announced a Lifetime Achievement Award for Norbert Städele, the recently retired former managing director of BHS Corrugated. He was honoured for his work “in realising concepts and development on the corrugator.

These developments enabled substantial improvement of productivity and turned trends into reality such as lightweight papers, automatization 4.0 and the integration of digital printing on the corrugator.” FEFCO Secretary General Angelika Christ said the awards showed how fast the corrugated industry was moving to stay ahead of the latest developments in technology, business and society. “This is an industry that is adapting and evolving. As these awards show, we are developing new ideas to make corrugated more efficient, more creative and more sustainable than ever before,” she said.

FEFCO (European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers) represents the interests of the European Corrugated Board Manufacturers. Headquartered in Brussels, FEFCO has 17 Association members, all European national corrugated packaging organisations. The role of the Federation is to investigate economic, financial, technical and marketing issues of interest to the corrugated packaging Industry, to analyse all factors which may influence the industry, and to promote and develop its image.

Europe’s corrugated industry in Europe makes about 43.9 billion square metres of board per year, enough to cover Denmark. It has 401 companies, 700 plants and accounts for 100,000 jobs. Corrugated is already a complete, high-performance material design, and delivery system, with thousands of possible combinations of board types, depth, weight, adhesives, and coatings. The average box today is more than 5% lighter than 15 years ago and contains around 7% more recycled material.