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Europac and Spanish wine producer Grupo Freixenet develop and test new packaging solution for wine e-commerce industry

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Europac and Spanish wine producer Grupo Freixenet develop and test new packaging solution for wine e-commerce industry

November 24, 2017 - 07:40

MADRID, Spain, Nov. 23, 2017 (Press Release) -With Black Friday coming up on 24 November, its cousin Cyber Monday on 27 November and Christmas only a month away, the end of the year is high season for e-business. In Spain, e-business has been growing in double digits for the last five years, with estimated year-on-year growth of 30% in 2017 and estimated turnover of 6.8 billion euros at the end of the year. Logistics and courier companies expect to carry over two million packages in the week following Black Friday alone.

  • Developed in tandem with Grupo Freixenet, the interior structure of the packaging creates an air pocket that absorbs impacts up to a height of 140cm
  • Since the winery began using the new packaging solution, it has received no breakage complaints
  • Made from kraftliner paper and flexographic printing, the same packaging combines resistance, design and functionality for the transportation of bottles of various diameters and heights

The world of wine is no stranger to this phenomenon and, according to Grupo Freixenet - a benchmark in the production and sale of cava - sales increase three-fold during the month between Black Friday and Christmas Eve. With this in mind, Grupo Europac - providing the final point of contact between the product and the end consumer through packaging - has developed a solution for the online cava, wine and drinks business in general. Specific packaging needs have arisen from this market segment, which include safety according to a recent study conducted by the Spanish Consumers’ and Users’ Organisation (Spanish acronym: OCU).

Precisely for this reason, Europac and Grupo Freixenet have worked together to develop and test a packaging solution to avoid bottle breakage. The result is a box in which the bottles are protected by an interior corrugated cardboard structure with tabs that avoid direct contact with the interior sides of the packaging to create an air pocket that absorbs any impacts from a height of up to 140cm that might occur during the transport and delivery process. As an additional safety measure, it includes a tamper-proof seal based on a tab that must be broken when opening the box for the first time.

According to sources at Freixenet, “since we started using the new packaging for online sales of our cava, we have received no reports of any bottle breakages. This means we can improve our service and enhance customer loyalty”. Following the results obtained in e-business, they stress that “we are using this same box to send samples by plane to retailers around the world”.

Unboxing experience

Raúl Graña, Director of the Packaging Division of Europac, says that “in the world of e-business and besides the purchase and delivery experience, Europac offers added value to its customers in the final step of the process with its unboxing experience, which begins by combining design and strength in a single packaging concept to present a product in an attractive fashion and in perfect condition”.

Raúl Graña goes on to say that “online business demands specific innovations adapted to the new ways in which our customers and their customers - users in this case - are relating to each other, who have access to an enormous stock alternative only a click away. With that in mind, it becomes clearly essential to have a strategic packaging partner for producers and distributors as another piece of the e-commerce value chain capable of offering solutions tailored to meet specific requirements”.

Design and functionality

Besides safety, other added value factors for premium products such as the cava produced by Freixenet include presentation, design and functionality. For that reason, the packaging is made from kraftliner paper - a quality paper produced by Europac using wood as the raw material. Furthermore, the packaging is printed in black and white using flexography as a high-quality system for printing on corrugated cardboard.

Functionality is based on the option to transport three, six, nine or up to twelve bottles of varying diameter and height or to send different products in a single order, thereby streamlining logistics and packaging production costs. Furthermore, it is an auto-lock bottom box and therefore quick and easy to assemble.

Another functionality advantage resides in the easily assembled interior structure, which is automatic and requires no adhesive, and in the visibility of the bottle labels to facilitate supervision of deliveries. Finally, the interior structure has a second purpose insofar as that it can be used as a bottle rack until the product is consumed.