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Stora Enso's Viewpoint on dairy packaging trends

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Stora Enso's Viewpoint on dairy packaging trends

June 13, 2016 - 05:45

Björn Thunström, SVP Marketing & Innovation, Stora Enso Packaging Solutions division

The future of dairy packaging is in focus in the latest issue of Stora Enso’s Viewpoint. This sixth Viewpoint edition covers consumer preferences and buyer trends in dairy markets and how these are impacting business for brand owners and retailers.

“In the competitive dairy market, packaging can play a significant role as a vehicle to grow market shares,” says Björn Thunström, SVP Marketing & Innovation, Stora Enso Packaging Solutions division. “Packaging is a means to differentiate as well as optimise the value chain, or put in another way, increase sales while also reducing costs.”

The report highlights three global drivers on dairy packaging innovation:

  1. Health & Wellness – Brand owners respond to the increased demand for health by promoting multiple products on limited shelf space. This makes it challenging for shoppers to navigate the dairy shelves which makes packaging even more important as a vehicle to differentiate.

  2. Convenience – A busier lifestyle spurs consumers to save time by eating and drinking on-the-go, including dairy. Hence, packaging innovation is increasingly small, portion-controlled, re-sealable and fit-for-purpose, resulting in increased product variation.

  3. Value for Money – The dairy market is characterized by maturity and slim margins on traditional bulk products. Value for money becomes key when the economy slows down and competition is fierce.

Brand owners’ dilemma is that shelf space is too small to fit all new innovations, hence Stora Enso concludes on two potential routes for growth:

  • Go online - Consumers are taking online grocery shopping to heart and dairy has significant potential. Innovative packaging and delivery can be used to keep the cold chain intact.
  • Go outside dairy - Innovative, value adding dairy products can be positioned for retail categories outside the crowded chilled dairy shelves.

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About our Viewpoints from Stora Enso

The Viewpoint on the future of dairy packaging is the sixth edition in a series of Viewpoints from Stora Enso. Through the Viewpoints we share our view on how our customers can become more successful in addressing future opportunities and challenges through packaging. Please also see our previous Viewpoints on packaging for Food, Consumer electronics, Retail, Online retail and Millennials. You can find them and learn more about what packaging can do for your business at 

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