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Colombier bio barrier coating announced as winner in Closed Loop Partners’ NextGen Cup Challenge

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Colombier bio barrier coating announced as winner in Closed Loop Partners’ NextGen Cup Challenge

February 28, 2019 - 01:22
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MIJDRECHT, The Netherlands, Feb. 27, 2019 (Press Release) -The NextGen Consortium, convened by Closed Loop Partners, announced today the winners of the NextGen Cup Challenge - an open-sourced, global innovation challenge to re-design the fiber to-go cup and create a widely recyclable and/or compostable cup.

After a four-month review process by an esteemed group of judges including NextGen Consortium business leaders, as well as experts in recycling, composting and packaging, the Challenge narrowed the nearly 500 submissions from over 50 countries down to 12 winners.

We are thrilled to announce that Colombier is one of the winners.

For the Colombier family it is a massive step forward to receive global recognition for the products we have strived to perfect during several years. Building the future is difficult and involves sacrifice, risk and the courage to take leadership especially for a small player among multinational companies. We are very proud of this incredible achievement. This win acknowledges that what we have worked so hard to achieve is a worthwhile global cause appreciated by the leading companies in the industry.

Our focus will move to growth and extending reach of our fantastic product both geographically and with regard to end use. We aim to provide our customers with more of our now award winning environmentally sound and sustainable product.

About Colombier Bio Barrier Cup

Colombier Bio Barrier Cup is a B2B product for anywhere currently using paper or plastic cups. The target market focuses on food and beverage stores with an interest in sustainability and healthy living. They can benefit from an image improvement as our cups are easily recyclable as regular paper and compostable. BioBarrier products also showcase a care to user health because the biobarriers stop chemical migration at a competitive price The look-and-feel of BioBarrier cups is similar to what users are already accustomed to. They are stored and used like regular disposable cups. BioBarrier products are not limited to cups. Other end-uses include plates, food containers, wrappings, food-carry-bags, meal trays and more.

About Colombier Group

COLOMBIER is a family-owned international forest products company with processing operations in Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, and Finland. COLOMBIER is represented through sales offices across Europe. COLOMBIER uses various mobile and on-location equipment to re-process reels and sheets. Colombier trades in forest products and represents several paper producers in various markets. COLOMBIER’S customers include box plants, packaging converters, publishers, printers, merchants, retailers and paper and packaging producers worldwide COLOMBIER is one of the largest forest products converting companies in Europe.

COLOMBIER is known as a pioneer in using new technologies and has an extensive network of mobile machinery for reel re-sizing and re-packaging. COLOMBIER Bio Barrier Coating applies a bio barrier against moisture, oil, grease and heat on almost any paper and board product. 

The COLOMBIER mission is to be the premier service brand to the global packaging, paper and publishing industry, recognised for creativity, innovation and positive business solutions.