Bio-strategy firm NC Partnering launches operations

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Bio-strategy firm NC Partnering launches operations

February 05, 2016 - 03:29

OULU, Finland, (Press Release) -At the CLIB (Cluster Industrielle Biotechnologie) International Conference in Dusseldorf, Jukka Kantola announced the establishment of NC Partnering Ltd as corporate vehicle for an enhanced team of bioeconomy advisors and partners.

Kantola, CEO of the new Finnish-based company stressed at the launch that NC Partnering has been set up to utilize the collective skills and insights of a diverse team with each partner bringing hands-on experience from world-class companies and major industrial projects. The core team further connects with an international network of individuals, companies and institutions to provide extensive resources for tackling intricate and demanding projects.

The vision of the company, says Kantola, calls for a Biofuture that goes beyond traditional solutions. “We see danger in over-simplified calls for anything renewable, and prefer an integrated approach to biomass and biotechnology. Wood is certainly renewable, but that is no reason for not processing it to its full potential. There are immense opportunities open to those who want to take today’s bioeconomy to the next stage – the Biofuture, but only if innovation and commercial sense advance hand in hand.”

NC Partnering focuses on next generation biorefineries and developing bio-strategies on national, regional and corporate levels, but also engages actively in what Kantola calls bio-matchmaking.

“Many novel bio-products are rare and little known. So are the processes and latest developments. Even large companies are often unsure about which elements of the bioeconomy to embrace and which to avoid, and bio-solutions can be hard to find because they are often very new – or in the process of being invented,” says Kantola. “We help by connecting a client’s core competences with their logical Biofuture objectives, analysing the specific case needs, comparing to available solution models, and making informed recommendations that often bring together those whose bio-interests are mutually complementary.”

Kantola pointed out that Finland is already a forerunner in the field, with 11% of jobs and over a quarter of exports depending on the bioeconomy, about half of which is wood based. A number of ambitious industrial projects are at various stages of development to take this further, and new trends are rapidly emerging.

“To be viable in a changing world, tomorrow’s biorefineries will need to go beyond by-products from side stream materials. The objective must be comprehensive value utilization of the wood. This means a re-think of many traditional principles, and involves downstream processes to date not associated with chemical wood processing sites,” concludes Kantola.

ABOUT NC Partnering

NC Partnering is a bioeconomy advisory company set up to utilize the collective skills and insights of a diverse team, which includes partners, individual bio-experts, companies and institutes.