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TietoEVRY and Yazzoom partnership promotes the use of Artificial Intelligence in the pulp, paper and fibre industry

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TietoEVRY and Yazzoom partnership promotes the use of Artificial Intelligence in the pulp, paper and fibre industry

September 04, 2020 - 14:48
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ESPOO, Finland, Sept. 1, 2020 (Press Release) -TietoEVRY will enhance data science capabilities with specialist third-party cooperation. Yazzoom, a digital services and software company, has in-depth expertise in applying Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and advanced analytics to machine data and production processes, with positive references from the pulp and paper industry. Together, by combining the expertise, our customers’ operational excellence can be improved.

Data analysis in mills has a long history, but new technologies are making the next level possible through AI and machine learning. Yazzoom provides a rich set of tools and algorithms, from simple single sensor anomaly detection all the way to real-time predictive modelling and optimisation. TietoEVRY will embed these capabilities in its TIPS industry solutions and services.

TietoEVRY has more than 1,000 pulp and paper industry experts worldwide, and we offer our customers a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and other industry-specific solutions and services. TietoEVRY and Yazzoom can also provide our customers with related support and maintenance services and training.

“We’re pleased to expand the use of our AI-based data analytics software and services in the pulp and paper industry, thus helping the industry create value from their process and MES data. We welcome this cooperation with TietoEVRY, whose extensive experience in this industry and software solutions will allow us together to create an integrated solution covering all aspects, from accessing the data and applying machine learning to reporting the impact on relevant Key Performance Indicators,” says Jan Verhasselt, PhD, Managing Director of Yazzoom.

“Data plays an increasing role in the industrial sector, and it helps companies to improve in areas like efficiency, preventive maintenance, and problem solving. We’re constantly seeking new ways to improve our customers’ efficiency and operational excellence. The partnership with Yazzoom is a great step for our ecosystem and will expand our capacity to create more value from data,” says Jarmo Ropponen of TietoEVRY.