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Pyroll announces new investment at its Strykow sheeting plant in Poland

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Pyroll announces new investment at its Strykow sheeting plant in Poland

October 19, 2010 - 22:08

SILTAKYLA, Finland, Oct. 20, 2010 (Press Release) -Pyroll's Contract Converting business area offers sheeting and rewinding services to the paper and paperboard industry. There are several sheeting plants in Finland and one in Poland. The Strykow sheeting plant in Poland kept Open House on 7 October. This plant started recently and was now visited by Polish, German and Scandinavian customers and partners of Pyroll and NTA, its logistic partner in Poland. NTA operates logistic services for the Strykow unit, including transport, loading, unloading and warehouse handling of reels as well as deliveries to end users and merchants if required.

In his speech, Pyroll´s owner Mr. Reino Uusitalo stated that the investment in Poland was a successful move, offering interesting opportunities for the future. The mayor of Strykow, Mr. Andrzej Jankowski, brought the greetings of the city.

At the occasion, Pyroll also announced its new investment at the Strykow plant. The company will invest in a third sheet cutter, and this investment will increase the sheeting capacity considerably. The installation of the new machine starts in November.

According to Plant Manager Mariusz Bus, the Strykow unit has excellent business prospects. It is logistically centrally located amidst major markets enabling the plant to provide flexible sheeting services to European paper and paperboard manufacturers.

The volume of orders is high, and most of the 2011 sheeting capacity of the plant has already been booked.