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Papcel starts installation work for project at OOO Suchonskiy CBK's Sokol mill in Russia

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Papcel starts installation work for project at OOO Suchonskiy CBK's Sokol mill in Russia

February 13, 2012 - 19:19

LITOVEL, Czech Republic, Feb. 14, 2012 (Press Release) -It is one of the greatest projects of the company PAPCEL ever. At the end of the year 2011 we started necessary installation works on the customer's premises. Early in November 2011 the paper mill in Sokol commenced preparatory works connected with erection of the PM machinery in the stock preparation plant - the low-consistency vertical pulper LCV-50 with the equipment intended for cleaning of its chest. Already in September 2009 the company PAPCEL signed a contract with the paper-and-pulp concern OOO Suchonskiy CBK in Sokol on displacement and reconstruction of a paper machine from Canada producing printing papers before reconstruction. The signed contract comprised also delivery of a new stock preparation line covering the PM capacity that should reach 162 tpy after reconstruction and that should produce flutings and liners with substance ranging from 90 to 200 g/m2. The concerned paper machine is provided with two wires where the bottom wire is 5 065 mm wide and the PM operating speed is 650 m/min. The project itself is to be financed through an export credit by the ČEB bank where its total financial volume amounts to 29,6 mio. EUR. The company PAPCEL is a general supplier of machinery. In addition to that, it provides also complete services connected with the given projecting, i.e. initial documents for on-site installations, engineering services, such as primary engineering, on-site commissioning and guarantee tests. The PM and stock preparation lines shall be installed in a reconstructed hall on the paper mill premises. Necessary building works shall be provided by inland building firms and the company PAPCEL shall be responsible for complete building supervision.

In December 2011 we finished our job in connection with the PM disassembly in Canada. The last assembly groups shipped were bulk cargos, i.e. a headbox and a rewinder. In total we shipped goods and equipment in 125 containers. Necessary demolition works in the PM hall finished in the second half year 2011 were followed by works connected with cellaring and PM basement. The company PAPCEL dispatched the last machines for stock preparation already early in 2012; the largest-size position was the hydraulic headbox intended for the top layer. The final works in connection with assembly of the remaining stock preparation equipment should go on during the first quarter 2012. The final on-site installations in the PM hall should be commenced in the second half year 2012.