Slovenia’s Radece papir increases dryness on PM 4 with Voith polyurethane covers

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Slovenia’s Radece papir increases dryness on PM 4 with Voith polyurethane covers

November 10, 2011 - 06:25

HEIDENHEIM, Germany, Nov. 10, 2011 (Press Release) -By operating with Voith polyurethane covers, Radece papir, Slowenia, was able to increase the dryness after the first press of the PM 4 by 0.8%.

This result was possible due to the special surface designs of Voith's polyurethane covers. A press analysis with unique Voith measurement equipment provided the necessary data. Based on the results, a water balance analysis was carried out and the optimum surface design for this application was calculated. The surface configurations of the Voith polyurethane covers are very flexible and allow an individual adjustment to the customer needs.

"The deployment of the polyurethane cover was a complete success. The dryness after the first press of our PM 4 increased by 0.8%. We are totally happy. The Voith covers are a worthwhile investment", confirmed Ales Knavs, Production Technologist Radece papir.

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Source: Voith