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Bellmer implements large-scale project for Mondi in Syktyvkar, Russia

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Bellmer implements large-scale project for Mondi in Syktyvkar, Russia

April 15, 2010 - 01:45

OSCHELBRONN, Germany, April 15, 2010 (Press Release) -Mondi Syktyvkar - one of Russia's largest manufacturers of paper, board and pulp - forms part of the Mondi group, with its 113 paper mills worldwide. In 2008, Mondi decided to refurbish the board machine at Syktyvkar, and chose Bellmer as the supplier. The aim of the project was to improve the quality of the white top kraftliner grades which the machine produces. In addition to the quality upgrade, machine speed is expected to increase to 800 m/min. Once the modernisation is complete, annual capacity will climb to 280,000 tons. The integration of two Bellmer TurboShakersTMfor high-frequency shaking of breast rolls will have the effect of improving board quality significantly. Bellmer's scope of supply also includes a TwinningPressTMshoepress, providing linear pressures up to 1,200 kN/m, as well as a fully automatic EqualReelerTMwith reeling hardness control.

All parts will be assembled and functionally tested at Bellmer prior to delivery. The Mondi crew will come to Niefern to take part in the works tests and receive special training. Transport of the new parts to Syktyvkar will take place in three stages and require 52 trucks! Bellmer's logistics team has a real heavy-weight task on its hands: the heaviest element is the press roll weighing in at an impressive 54 tons! Christian Hummel, the customer's project leader, speaks highly of his experience working with Bellmer: "We are right in the middle of the project as I speak. The cooperation is proving really excellent." The machine will be restarted in Syktyvkar this summer.