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Voith receives TAPPI’s Sasaki Award for developing LP Screen

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Voith receives TAPPI’s Sasaki Award for developing LP Screen

July 23, 2010 - 01:09

HEIDENHEIM, Germany, July 23, 2010 (Press Release) -

A screen that uses less energy than all comparable products on the market has convinced the Technical Association of Pulp & Paper Industries (TAPPI). The Japanese Voith Paper subsidiary Voith IHI Paper Technology won this year's Sasaki Award from the respected trade association for its development of the LP Screen.

The new technology, developed for the Japanese market, reduces specific energy consumption at the screening stage to 3-4 kWh per tonne of stock. For comparison, the best competitor product still needs twice as much specific energy.

The secret of the Low Power Screen lies in its construction. It uses the entire screen area to effectively separate accepted from reject stock, thereby improving quality and throughput. A circulation mechanism ensures that the consistency of the suspension is the same throughout the screen's interior. Reject and accepted stock are separated and conveyed upwards via different outlets. Thickened and heavy reject is mixed with the inflowing stock, ensuring that the pulp has a uniform consistency throughout the entire screen basket.

In addition to its revolutionary low-profile the LP Screen can be combined with a high-performance C-bar screen basket with optimized slot distribution. This improves the efficiency and ensures that it is stable throughout the screen. Specific energy use can be reduced to a minimum and the quality of the stock is improved.

A significant contribution to the Japanese paper industry

The LP Screen is now the sixth development for which Voith IHI Paper Technology has won the Sasaki Award. The prize is awarded annually by TAPPI to Japanese papermakers who have made a significant contribution to the Japanese pulp and paper industry thanks to their technical developments or research.

27 LP Screens have already been installed at customer sites, two others are on the order books. After the break through of Voith Paper in the IntensaPulper development, the LP Screen is just another example how energy savings in the paper industry can be achieved.