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France’s Allimand delivers two headboxes to Zhejiang KAN Specialities Materials in China

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France’s Allimand delivers two headboxes to Zhejiang KAN Specialities Materials in China

May 02, 2013 - 06:08

RIVES, France, April 30, 2013 (Press Release) - CHINA - Zhejiang Province near Shanghai: The company ALLIMAND, has just delivered 2 headboxes to the Chinese company, Zhejiang KAN Specialities Materials Co Ltd, whose target it is to become the world's first supplier of capacitor papers. This order has strengthened ALLIMAND's position as a main actor on the technical paper market, renowned by the Asian world...

A difficult challenge to take on

Specialised in technical and non-woven papers, the Chinese company Zhejiang Kan was regularly confronted with problems regarding quality (formation, basis weight profile) due to inadequate formation technology. With a workforce of 700 people and workshops housing 10 paper machines, the company was looking for a partner capable of supplying advanced technological equipment and meeting the ever increasing high standards of quality required of its papers with basis weights as low as 8 g/m² (2).

The ever increasing high standards of quality required

"Approached as speciality paper (capacitor paper, filter paper) and non-woven paper (teabags, vacuum cleaner bags, release paper) experts, we won the contract, thanks to the recent technological developments that we have perfected over the last two years. ALLIMAND proves through its dynamic R&D strategy, its wish to provide its customers with high performing technology which meets the ever increasing market quality standards" explains Fabrice GILET, ALLIMAND's Sales Director.

ALLIMAND renowned as a world actor of higher added value papers

This contract demonstrates not only ALLIMAND's know-how but also its worldwide recognition on the market in terms of its ability with regards to higher added value technical papers. ALLIMAND has other projects in progress in China, in particular the 21st complete paper machine to be delivered at the end of 2013 in the South of China for the production of speciality papers. With its incredible leverage effect that is the Asian market, it is more than likely that the company ALLIMAND will continue to diversify its products in order to optimise its growth dynamic.

NB: Definition of "headbox": The first section of a paper machine allowing the sheet to be formed in a homogenous way.

(2): By way of comparison, a sheet of paper weighs 60 to 80 g/m².