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PAPCEL commissions new tissue machine in Indonesia

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PAPCEL commissions new tissue machine in Indonesia

April 16, 2019 - 05:28
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LITOVEL, Czech Republic, April 16, 2019 (Press Release) -In April 2017 PAPCEL signed contract with a customer in Indonesia for the delivery of complete PM for hygienic paper (Tissue).

The Tissue machine is designed for a capacity of 60 t/day, weight 13 - 35 g/m2 at the operating speed of 1,200 m/min. Trimmed width on the reel is 2,850 mm. Testing and commissioning of the new Tissue machine has been being carried out since April 2019. It’s an approach part delivery with instrumentation of stock preparation, the entirely new tissue machine including winder and wrapper.

This customer already operates two paper machines and now expanded their product portfolio with tissue products. Yankee drying cylinder diameter is 3,660 mm. The cover is steam heated (max temperature is around 200 °C). PAPCEL secured basic engineering and detail engineering solely for the supplied parts. Design work such as drawings for pipes, cable bridges or machine layout in the stock preparation etc. was not included in our scope of delivery.

The assembly of the machine was begun at the end of January 2019 and the last mechanical and electrical work was finished in March/April 2019. PAPCEL provided only supervision during assembly.

Products:  pocket and facial tissue, toilet, napkins and towels
Finished basis weights:  13 to 35 g/m²
Furnish:  100% NBKP and LBKP
Nominal gross capacity at reel:   60 t/day
Net production capacity:  50 t/day or 18 250 t/year
Basis weight on wire:  11 to 26 g/m²
Reel trim:  2 850 mm
Operating speed: 1 200 m/min
Guarantee speed: 1 200 m/min
Design speed: 1 300 m/min
Drive speed: 1 300 m/min
Balancing speed:  1 300 m/min
3-ply Rewinder design speed:  1 000 m/min
1-2 ply:  1 200 m/min