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Moorim achieves efficient, non-stop production

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Moorim achieves efficient, non-stop production

November 25, 2012 - 14:00

BRUSSELS, Nov. 26, 2012 (RISI) -The commissioning of the Moorim Paper Group's DongHae PM 1 saw the launch of the first non-stop production line in South Korea. The resource-saving mill concept allows for an integrated production line from pulp to finished paper. From the very outset, the plant's efficiency was impressive and met all expectations. Supplied by Voith Paper, Moorim also signed a service contract with Voith in the expectation that the excellent relationship between the companies will continue after startup.

In March 2011, almost five weeks ahead of the contractually agreed deadline, the South Korean Moorim Paper Group's DongHae PM 1 sucessfully went online. Just five months after startup, Moorim signed off on the final acceptance certificate for the production line. With a wire width of 9.3 m, PM 1 produces around 450,000 tonnes/yr of woodfree coated and uncoated papers in the basis weight range of 75-150 g/m². Just three months after startup, the paper machine achieved its design capacity of 1,250 tonnes/day and design speed of 1,300 m/min, exhibiting time efficiencies of more than 90% in the second month and more than 95% in the third month.

Working successfully together: excellent relationship between Moorim Paper Group and Voith Paper
Moorim Paper Group
The South Korean Moorim Paper Group produces premium quality, wood-free coated and uncoated papers and specialty papers for the Asian market. With the new DongHae PM 1 production line at its Ulsan facility, about 300 km south-east of Seoul, the company will increase its total production of fine papers to more than 1 million tonnes/yr, making it the largest producer of fine papers in South Korea. This figure also includes production from the company’s existing paper machines in Jinju and Daegu.

No fossil fuels needed

The integrated mill concept allows for a non-stop production line from pulp to finished product. PM 1 will mainly use the short-fiber pulp produced on-site. This means there is no need to dry the pulp, which can be pumped directly to the paper machine in liquid form. This, therefore, reduces the total drying energy required for pulp dewatering, while also eliminating the cost of transporting the pulp to the mill. In addition, the steam yielded in pulp production can also be used for paper production. This allows the resource-saving mill system to dispense with fossil fuels under normal operating conditions.

DongHae PM 1 with its offline coater produces woodfree coated paper in a basis weight range of 75–150 g/m².
Bridge to the future
What is Moorim Paper Group’s objective in investing in the new production line at the Ulsan site?
I.S. Park, vice president, Moorim Paper Group: For Moorim, this investment represents a bridge to the future. We hope that the new paper machine supplied by Voith will help make us the market leader for premium quality papers in Asia.
What is your assessment following the successful startup of the DongHae PM 1?
Our requirements in this project were very exacting, and our expectations have been more than satisfied due to the excellent professional cooperation with Voith Paper. Even just a short time after startup, the efficiency of the plant was out-standing. We are also going to continue this excellent cooperation with Voith in the future.
What form will this future collaboration take?
Since startup of the machine, the fabrics supplied by Voith Paper have proven effective. This is why we are also going to rely on them in the future. In addition, we will continue this partnership with a Total Roll Management contract for the next five years to maintain machine efficiency at this high level and reduce running costs. All these activities are targeted towards our goal of becoming the preferred supplier of sophisticated, premium quality papers in Asia.