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KW Doggett Fine Paper installs Pemco sheeter at Melbourne, Australia plant

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KW Doggett Fine Paper installs Pemco sheeter at Melbourne, Australia plant

August 17, 2010 - 00:50

HAMBURG, Germany, Aug. 17, 2010 (Press Release) -K.W.Doggett Fine Paper has successfully completed the installation of Australia's first SHM 1650 DR (dual rotary) sheeter from Pemco, a company of the Körber PaperLink Group (KPL).

K.W.Doggett Fine Paper is one of Australia's leading suppliers of printing and writing paper and cartonboard to the printing and design markets, with warehouses and offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide. The SHM 1650 DR is located in Melbourne.

"This machine, by sheeting virtually everything from 45 gsm newsprint to heavy coated bleach boards and composite boards, helps us offer a full spectrum to our client base," says Simon Doggett, the paper house's Managing Director. "It also doubles or even quadruples our throughput for some products, facilitates planning, and significantly lowers our converting costs whilst enhancing our already high quality standards."

With the high speeds and close tolerances of modern printing equipment, the quality of paper sheeting has become critically important. The SHM 1650 DR (also available in a 1450 mm working width) produces clean, highly precise output on press-ready pallets, while requiring less operator involvement even at high speeds.

K.W.Doggett Fine Paper's customers enjoy reduced press downtime and minimised operational disruption. Precise, flat sheet presentation means fewer jams associated with sheet misfeeds at the press infeed gripper system. Pemco's industry-leading cut quality and cleanliness virtually eliminate unplanned blanket washdowns. And the machine rejects splices that could otherwise damage press make-ready.

The new machine's versatility will also help the paper firm expand its service to other folio sheet users. K.W.Doggett Fine Paper can respond more quickly to market demands, and the high product quality supports ongoing customer satisfaction.

The SHM sheeter completely eliminates need for a post-sheeting process, where K.W.Doggett Fine Paper formerly needed to trim and clean up the output by guillotining.

The operator's job is made easier, involving less apprehension and better use of time. Changeovers are minimal, even for thin papers that used to require careful setting of machine parameters.

Purchase and installation of the new sheeter were facilitated by Graph-Pak Pty Ltd, the Australian sales agent for KPL companies and their brands. Prior to sale, K.W.Doggett Fine Paper evaluated performance at Pemco's headquarters in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA, including sheeting of a particularly challenging lightweight stock.

Several features of the SHM sheeter make it unusually adept at sheeting very flexible lightweight coated and two-side coated paper stocks. Its dual-rotary design assures cuts are clean and precise, while an advanced antistatic system allows problem-free overlapping, even with four reels running. The operator can also adjust overlap and other operational functions of the sheeter to maximise productivity.

On lightweight stock, K.W.Doggett Fine Paper technicians fully expect to exceed 200m/min in daily operation, and on heavier products such as 450 gsm Kraftback carton board, speeds of 350 m/min can be achieved.