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Double A introduces new green technology for pulp and paper production

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Double A introduces new green technology for pulp and paper production

December 08, 2010 - 14:08

CHACHOENGSAO, Thailand, Dec. 9, 2010 (Press Release) -Double A, the provider of double quality paper, devises diverse strategies to deal with environmental, social and economic issues. The company has recently found a new way to improve the process of paper production and the quality and properties of paper through its Starch Coated Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (SCPCC) Project.

Double A's SCPCC program is partially funded by National Innovation Agency (NIA) a public organization through its Technology Capitalization Scheme. The financial support from the agency will be used to further develop this technological innovation which can be useful for the paper industry in general. A signing ceremony between the two parties (Double A and NIA) was held in December 2 to formally announce NIA's funding of the SCPCC project.

The new technological breakthrough has a number of advantages: this process improves resources as it uses less PCC (Precipitated Calcium Carbonate, an important mineral for paper production) versus the current process and reduces raw materials as it requires less fiber compared to the current paper production. SCPCC improves the quality and strengthens the surface of the final paper product. Furthermore, it also reduces energy consumption in the paper drying process. The process reduces steam use by 25% which cuts approximately 95 ton CO2 (eq.) per year.

This economically viable and environmentally sustainable development is in line with Double A's "Better Paper, Better World" initiative.

"Double A: Better Paper, Better World" features how Double A work responsibly to ensure that what it does has a minimal or no impact to the environment. Double A and NIA are working together to improve paper production and reduce the resulting CO2 emission. SCPCC uses less resources and less energy thus less carbon dioxide emission without sacrificing the paper quality. Every individual and corporate has the responsibility of reducing these emissions and Double A is doing great in this homework." said Mr. Thirawit Leetavorn, senior executive vice president of Double A.